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Jul 27, 2009 06:31 AM


I am looking to take three family members here to celebrate a special occassion and had a few questions I am hoping the board can help with:

1. I understand the food menu itself is under $100. Is there more than one menu available (even if it just differs by number of courses)?

2. If I do not want to pop for wine pairings, which look to be more than the food menu, is it possible to order a bottle or two of wine for the table?

3. Finally, one of the diners is allergic to shrimp and lobster (not me, thankfully!). I assume they can accomodate this diner;s allergies, but has anyone had a similar experience.

I know the reviews of Arun's have been somewhat mixed in recent years, but everyone has really wanted to try it for a long time, so we will likely give it a shot.


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  1. They will absolutely make special accomodations as they state on their website (just make sure to let them know in advance):

    " All of the dishes in the Chef's Design menu are selected, adapted, and prepared to serve the preferences of each patron.

    Arun is happy to accommodate our patrons' dietary restrictions (such as vegetarian, no shellfish, etc.). If informed in advance, he can plan ahead to insure that any restrictions will not result in sacrifice of flavor. Of course, a diner who has no dietary restrictions allows the chef maximum creativity in providing an ultimate dining experience. Return customers enjoy placing their trust in Arun and allowing him to challenge them with new and exciting dishes at each visit. "