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Jul 27, 2009 06:20 AM


My grandmother has me on the hunt for "farfel" a type of Jewish noodle. NOT Matzo Farfel which she claims is just matzo broken into little pieces.

No, the type she's searching for should be in a cellophane bag (similar to what you'd find for generic noodles. She describes them as pasta that are flat on one side and "not" on the other.

If this sounds familiar to anyone -- and you can point me in the direction of a place to purchase said noodles, I'd greatly appreciate any assistance!

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  1. Try posting on the kosher board.

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    1. re: sherry f

      It used to be easy to find in the Kosher section of most grocery stores, but I haven't seen it lately (my grandmother used to make it too). You should probably try a Kosher supermarket or Kosher butchers may also carry it.

    2. streits used to have the best, but since they had problems with kosher laws I can't find it either. if you find it or a similar product please let me know.