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Jul 27, 2009 06:17 AM

Toronto Walking /Eating/Drinking Tour today for some Glaswegian visitors

So... My two friends are in town from Glasgow, Scotland and today I wanted to take them on a fun walking/eating/drinking tour of our fair city, Toronto.

Here was the plan I sketched up in my head two minutes ago.

Home base is Parkdale.

Walk along Queen West to Clafouti, croissant and coffee in Trinity Bellwoods park.

Then to Terroni for Funghi Assoluti salad and beer.

Walk along Queen West to Macaul, up to Baldwin... Chinese bakery for pork buns

Walk along Dundas to Chinatown, tour of Chinatown and Kensington Market.

Walk along College to Clinton, pick up Veal Sandwich, Kaplansky's Sandwich and a slice from Johns, eat in North of Trinity Bellwoods park.

Back down to Queen and catch Poutini's as it opens.

Back home stuffed and satiated.

That is just a rough plan... with no real time limits.

Any other ideas would be much appreciated!


P.S. They like to drink

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  1. Sounds great...I'd probably pick up some pasteis de nata from Golden Wheat or Nova Era if I was on College or from one of the bakeries on Dundas W closer to Trinity Bellwoods (for a post-Caplansky/veal sandwich sweet), . And maybe stop at Il Gatto Nero for a quick espresso freddo if it's a hot day;)

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        considering you're coming from parkdale and going along queen west, i would actually consider getting the natas from venezia on ossington, it's just about one block up from queen west and i think much better than the mini portuguese chains that have popped up. just not sure what time they open!

        for chinatown... i would suggest picking up a bahn mi with my preference going to nguyen huong. i always go for the basic assorted meat but ensure they give me extra cilantro (or "green stuff" tends to communicate it best) and spice. one can be easily shared with lots of extra space as I find it takes two to fill me.

        i'd also suspect bubble tea would be its own adventure and so would stop in at ten ren's while going down dundas.

        if it would interest you and them, there is always the west indies places in your actual nabe. they would likely be best for a final stop as their hours are a little iffy and tend to run later than earlier. my particular favourite is roti lady for the goat roti though the actual roti itself is a bit underdone. i think that ali's or bacchus can satisfy all around though if roti lady is a little to sketchy for them (it's rather dump-ish...).

        oh.. and me being me... i would also drop into the prague deli and grab one of their deli case sausages to gnaw on during the long stroll over to mccaul. i had one the other day that was surprisingly delicious and subtly spiced but the name escapes me.

        1. re: pinstripeprincess

          Excellent ideas!!!

          We did the Roti Lady experience last night and they loved it!

          1. re: Non Doctor

            I would pick up a roti at Ghandi so they can compare the difference between the West Indian and East Indian rotis. Sounds like a great day, btw!

            1. re: Non Doctor

              awesome i'm glad! sometimes i worry i don't direct enough people there so that they can keep her little shack alive. there's usually never anyone there when i go!

      2. Caplansky has a note on his site ( that he's "closing before the end of July" and that they'll open the new location in September.

        "Before the end of July" is a bit ambiguous, so you might want to call to make sure they're actually open today.

        I think your tour sounds amazing!! If they like to drink, I might stop for an afternoon cocktail at the Drake's Skyyard if the weather is good. Or maybe re-route down Ossington on the way home since it is "the strip" right now and there are lost of watering holes.

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          A friend of mine went to Caplansky's the other day and they were out of meat -- I believe that that's it until they reopen in the new location.

        2. My out-of-town chums always get a kick out of The Fish Store, and you're gonna already be right there!

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              I had cuzins from Glasgow visitng a few weeks ago.
              I took them to Poutini's too. LOL. (its closed on mondays - I hope you get this in time).
              Then I took them to Smokeys Poutine to compare. (dont worry - we shared one at each place!!)
              I took them to pravda vodka bar too..which they loved!!
              On the list was Caplanskys but we didnt have time...
              Happy Touring.