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Jul 27, 2009 05:24 AM

New Canaan Diner

Walked past the gelato place in new canaan and saw a sign that new canaan diner will be opening up. it will be run by the same folks that run darien diner and post road diner. it should be interesting to see how they do compared to the newly re-opened Country Kitchen on Elm Street.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Is it in the old Lou's Kitchen spot? It BETTER be good!

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      1. jfood understands that the old Reids team ent back to Country Cupboard spot. Any word if that is true?

        Hopefully it is better than Reid's and less expensive than Rosie's.

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          the only thing i read was that the owner of the building is taking over. he used to run CC until 3-4 yrs ago. he is renovating, redoing some of the menu, some staff changes and the name will be country kitchen.

        2. NC Diner...Soft open on Friday, should be ready to roll by Monday.

          1. Jfood was waiting for Mrs. Jfood to finish an appointment downtown this morning and decided to give it a try. At 8am on a lousy morning there were a few customers and Jfood took a seat on a stool. The server brought a menu over, a glass of water and Jfood ordered a cup of coffee. It was brought in a nice New Canaan Diner mug. Growing up in NJ, Jfood smiled at the interior. It is decorated like Lucky’s in Stamford and the female servers were the same silly outfits from the 50’s and 60’s.

            After looking through the menu Jfood was about to order when he noticed the breakfast specials on the back. So he ordered two eggs over easy, hash browns, bacon and a English muffin.

            When the food arrived he was impressed. The eggs were cooked perfectly, 4 strips of bacon, a nice amount of potatoes and the English muffin was still warm and had a little butter on it. Next to the muffin was a small little container of grape jelly.

            The eggs were perfect in doneness the bacon, the same. The potatoes (which were red potatoes as the skin was still on some) had a nice crunch on one side, were made with some red peppers (nice touch) and were moist on the inside. The English muffin was fine as well. The lady had a BLT on toast that looked good as well.

            A couple of head’s up. The service is still getting their legs under them. Jfood's server was young, could really use some training and the eggs coming out of the kitchen took quite some time. The muffins on the counter are all wrapped in plastic, gives the impression that they are yesterday’s, the bottle of vanilla near the milkshake machine is visible to the patrons and it is “imitation” vanilla, the stool Jfood sat on could be adjusted so it is level and they have a ton of Darien Mugs (that ain’t gonna fly with the HS set). All of these are absolutely normal for a start up and if these are the issues at the New Canaan Diner then they should do fine.

            The breakfast was $7.99 (usually less but there is a surcharge for the English Muffin versus toast), which was a nice price. It should also do a nice lunch business.

            So Jfood is glad that there is a NJ type breakfast place in town. He only wishes it happened years ago and Jfood could have taken the little Jfoods there when they were younger. Give it a try.

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              Any homage to NC Diner's from the past? Lou's, Elmcrest, Libby's, Paggy's? NC has a diner-rich history that goes back to at least the 1930's. It would be cool if they could incorporate something into the menu or at least have some pics up on the walls to reference these great places that no longer exist.

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                jfood is a newvcomer in NC (13 years) and was not a Lou's person, so he cannot say. But looking around he would say this is zippo reference to anything from the history of the town. It was more NJ Dinerish and if it would have had a silver outside it would have brought memories of NJ

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                  Went last night with the little, decor, food, and prices are indistinguishable from Post Road Diner. Which is a good thing, IMO. Nice addition to town, should do well.