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Jul 27, 2009 04:33 AM

Midland and Parry Sound?

We will be boating to both Midland and Parry Sound in the next few weeks and are looking for rec's. Nothing fancy as it will be boating attire, and within walking distance of the Marinas would be nice, but long walks for good food is a fair trade. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I can't speak for Midland or other Parry Sound-area marinas, but downtown Parry Sound is a culinary wasteland. Opposite the Parry Sound Bay marina is a restaurant called Bay Street Cafe. It's always packed, but I can't figure out why. The food is mediocre and the service is definitely lacking. (The Sound Grill House a few doors away seems not to have opened this season.)

    Avoid the Chinese restaurants at all costs. Your choices on Sequin St. (the main thoroughfare) are an okay fish and chips place, a Pizzaville, Lil's Diner (which will take you back in time with its limited menu; it's not open at night), and the Mad Hatter Cafe for soups and sandwiches (daytime only).

    Down James St. you'll find Subway (yuck), Don Cherry's (okay for pub food), and Wellington's Pub and Grill, which is overpriced (a club sandwich with fries is $12) and very inconsistent food-wise.

    No such thing as long walks for fair trade here, although Christina's, farther east on Seguin St. can sometimes be okay.

    Bon voyage!

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      Henry's has a restaurant both near Perry sound on Frying Pan Island and the other near Midland. I can't remember the name of the Marina.
      Midlands range of restaurants is about like Tatais Perry Sound. The Library looks upscale but their dress is fairly casual and their food is quite good.
      God luck

    2. As Junika said, Henry's Fish House has locations at Sans Souci on Frying Pan Island near Parry Sound and near Midland.

      I've been going to the one in Midland for years. It's off Hwy 12 at the bottom of Ogden's Beach Road at the Doral Marina -

      The pickerel is fresh and tasty but the batter is sometimes a bit doughy and soggy. The shore lunch with beans and fries and coleslaw and fish is tasty. The restaurant is casual, right on the water and you have all those amenities for boaters, like showers and things.

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        I'm in Midland tonight and just ate at Henry's. Frankly, it's pretty mediocre. The pickerel itself is quite good, but for a pricey "family" restaurant, the sides seem that no one cares. I had rice instead of fries; it's cooked in what tastes like canned beef broth, an odd choice with fish. The coleslaw is similar to KFC's (chopped too small in a food processor and too vinegary) and the portion is miserly. The beans were the best of the three--they started in a can, but I liked the added chunks of onion (possibly grilled since there's a slight smoky flavour).