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fort worth: the LOVE SHACK

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the love burger is one of those perfect burgers. it's not just the meat or the love sauce or any one thing, it's the perfect combination of how everything goes together. it's awesome and you can't beat the setting either.

here are a few pics:

the ambiance shot:

the lovely love burger:

such a cool space, it's all outdoors along the sides and the front of the lot.
nice very creative use of what i take was an empty mid-block lot:

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  1. Wow...love your eating itinerary! DFW really has good places where you don't have to spend a fortune. Did you ever get your aerial pictures of the city?

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      i did not get up in reunion, i didnt really have time, but i wandered around a lot and got a lot of pics.

      fyi if you want to follow along i am gradually putting up dfw neighborhood photos here:


      1. I tried the location on 7th today, and thought the food was really great. Everything I'd read here about the incredible finish on the burgers was true.

        I was concerned about the love sauce because someone said it reminded her of yellow curry--I got it on the side. It was fine. I dipped my onion rings in it--maybe I'll put some on the burger next time ;)

        There was also a report that the onion rings were greasy--mine were not, they were perfectly drained and quite good. Onion rings seem to frequently slip out of their breading, but that didn't happen with these smaller ones. Pretty darn perfect onion rings.

        There were a couple flies around, but it is an open-air place ... it was a little warm on a hundred-degree day. What can I say, I like my A/C ...

        I wished I'd had more room, so I could've tried one of the shakes ...

        Oh, and I wasn't expecting the chef ;)

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          It's all about the dirty love burger. I just wish he would have opened up that Dallas location that was promised.

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            The way places are folding in Victory Park, Tim Love is probably seriously reconsidering the idea. If he does move there, I hope those love burgers don't have a victory price hike.

            1. re: DFDubster

              There are now bad burgers being sold in Victory park in the form of the newly opened Hard Rock (did it open yet, was scheduled for this past weekend and I was outa town) and they are marked down to the low, low price of $14.75 each.


              I welcome a Love Shack anywhere in Dallas.

        2. Thanks foiegras for the head's up on a new location. Looks like same menu with new items, including a Sunday brunch. I'll be looking forward to trying it out -


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            You're welcome & thanks for the link. I didn't see all of that on the menu--no lobster roll that I recall. Or figs ...

            Let me tell you where it is because it's a little difficult to find. Across 7th from Montgomery Plaza, take Matisse all the way back. You'll see the umbrellas on the patio. Turn the corner & park ...

            I guess I was too chicken to try the Dirty Love Burger ... I like experimental food, but somehow an egg on my burger ... I dunno. It's kinda like, so one American flag--wanna fried egg on that?!

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              Thank YOU for the directions. I had planned to just call them I looked at Mapquest, Yahoo and Google and none of them could locate it. One of them took me to the Dallas Matisse St. I know that whole area is being revamped. I guess they're putting in new streets.

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                Yeah, it's part of a new development that looks to be mostly condos. I guess they have a new arts district street naming theme? ;)

                So I had to take my slipcovers to the cleaners, Love Shack is just a few blocks away, and I could hear it calling my name ... so I went back. Same burger, tried the strawberry shake (truly fabulous) and the chili-parmesan chips (which I can def live without). The chili, lots of it, is on the chips, and freshly grated Parmesan is sprinkled on top of the pile. The onion rings are way better. I hope I'm not going to end up in a 12-step program ...

                I think Dutch's burgers are too big and not as good, and Kincaid's ... sadly, they are not in the game. I would love nothing more than to say they are, but Texas Monthly is right.

                Oh, PS, the chef was there tonight, which cracked me up! But not in the kitchen ... on his cell phone, and apparently there with his kids.

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              I wasn't a fan of the burgers in the original location; seemed oversmall, overpricey, and not terribly good. The ones at the new location made me a believer. The wife thinks Dutch's/Kincaids have superior burgers, but she'll go in order to get their onion rings.

            3. I was really disappointed with the food at the new location. The hamburger had no taste nor did the onion rings. I'm not certain if the pickles were the same that they have been making (at the old location) from previous visits, as they too didn't have the same unique flavor, plus they had a different appearance. When walking out to the car, my friend and I were talking about the aftertaste we both had, still in our mouths. The Shiner was still good. ;)

              The place was packed - older, younger and very younger. I reminded me of a a beach cafe sort of eatery with the bar open to the umbrella'ed outdoor patio. The high ceilings inside and lots of windows led to a very airy surrounding.

              The gal taking orders didn't know why, but said the lobster roll had been removed from the menu. It had been my plan to order it, so that was no doubt a disappointment.

              For the burgers, I'll be sticking witht the original location - plus it's probably about 5 miles closer.

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              1. re: CocoaNut

                The lobster roll is on the menu at 7th St as of today ... perhaps it's a seasonal item.

                1. re: foiegras

                  Hmmm.... could be. Thanks for the update. Is the place still as mobbed as last year (when it was "new kid on the block"?)

                  1. re: CocoaNut

                    You're welcome.

                    I wouldn't say mobbed ... it was busy, but there were several places to sit when I got there. Lots of kids, but well-behaved. The chalk (for drawing on the concrete or on the chalkboard table) seemed to be very popular.

                    Dogs are welcome on the patio, btw, but you must order inside. No report on the lobster roll because I was already in burger mode ;) A band was getting ready to play at lunchtime.

                2. re: CocoaNut

                  I was disappointed with the So7 location, too.

                  My companion and I ordered the dirty love burger, she ordered fries, I ordered the garlic parmesean chips. A couple of soft drinks, and a chocolate shake too. Was told that strawberry was the only option. No biggie.

                  Shake was good, fries were okay, chips were tossed after the first few,, and burgers were NOT good. I did not like them at all. And I generally like most foods. The sauce was heavy, with a long aftertaste, and toppings didn't seem fresh.

                  I'll try it again, perhaps it was the fact that I made it out at 9pm on a Monday evening.

                  1. re: Its Still Mooing

                    If you haven't already, give the Stockyard location a try. But then again, it's totally outdoors, so may not be a great option at this time of year - at least during the day. Those chips came highly rec'd to me and what a bust! Cold chips with parm sprinkled on top. Don't think so. The onion fries with the dip that's served, are some of the best I've had, if you like the shoe-string variety - definitely not rings.

                    1. re: Its Still Mooing

                      I'm not a fan of the sauce either ... and always get it without after first trying it on the side ... but love the burger without it.

                  2. The Love Shack is a little old place
                    where we can get together
                    Love Shack bay-bee! Love Shack baby!
                    Love Shack, that's where it's at!
                    Huggin' and a kissin', dancin' and a lovin',
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                    Cause it's hot as an oven

                    1. The lobster roll was good, but not great. I think that Seabreeze is head and antlers above. On the other hand the dirty love and the company was worth the drive to cowtown. I think the stockyards location uses more dirty love sauce though. Next time I have to ask for more dirty love....

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                        I really am sorry to hear that, as I thought the lobster roll at Seabreeze was nothing to write home about when I had it. The chef should certainly know where to get good lobster. However, the Love Shack lobster roll is very close by, so maybe I'll try it one of these hot summer days--especially if I'm headed home from the vet with a dog in tow.

                        I will tell you where to get kickass lobster in FW though ... the lobster tempura at the new Lili's Bistro is quite good.

                        PS Love those B-52s!

                        1. re: irodguy

                          I look forward to giving Love Shack's lobster roll a try at some point - would have high expectations though due to the quality of other meats and seafood purveyed by Lonesome Dove. I have been disinclined to make the drive to Plano for the Seabreeze roll due to some fairly negative reviews on other sites.

                          1. re: CocoaNut

                            Interesting enough my wife and her mother are both Boston natives with a lot of time in Maine. Both say that seabreeze is dead on. Not to say that Lobster rolls are far better at a few of the places in Portland Maine.

                        2. My husband and I really like both Love Shack and So 7. We've visited each one a couple of times. The dirty love burgers and fried onions are my favorite. Not positive, but I think they make their own pickles for the burgers.

                          The atmosphere is very different at the two locations. The Stockyards spot is a great place for people watching; drunk tourists, bikers, and cowboys are most entertaining. The So 7 spot is very light-hearted. We took our daughters to the So 7 location and they really enjoyed it, with the chalk and live music and getting to pet the doggies that were there, and of course they liked the milkshakes. I'm sure both locations would welcome children, but So 7 is very G-rated and kid friendly.

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                            I went to the Love Shack on 7th on Saturday. I had been to Kincaid's the day before and was not overly impressed with the Dirty Burger at Love Shack. If I ever go back, I will leave the Love Sauce off of the burger. It ruined the taste of the burger for me, I did not love the Love Sauce. I also do not like to sit on high stools and that was the only available seating when I was there that was not outside in the near 100 degree heat. I will give the Love Shack another try on a later visit to Fort Worth. I still love Kincaid's burgers.

                            Bigray in Ok

                          2. I was there 2 weeks ago and I was not all that impressed. Onion rings were good, beer was cold but the burger did not live up to the hype. It wasn't all that busy but it seemed that the buger was made in a hurry but still somehow over cooked. It was assembled in a sloppy manner as well. For a burger rated so high on the Texas Monthly list, I expected more. It just didn't taste all that great. I liked the place and I will certainly give it another try but so far I would put Kincaid's (sp?) ahead of the dirty love burger and I don't even think Kincaid's lives up to their hype.

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                              I find Kincaid's charming, but I think Love Shack's burger is way better. I get the Love burger without the love sauce and pickles--I'm not a fan. I get it made basically like a Kincaid's burger, but I find it superior in every way.

                              I do like that Kincaid's has standard shake offerings ... at Love Shack it's feast or famine. I really do like the chocolate mint shake, but some of the others, not so much.

                              1. re: fixer

                                I would have to say burger is in the eyes of the beholder. I find that Kincaids are okay at best. I am a lover of the dirty love quail egg and all. That being said I find that the shack at the stock yards does a bit better job. I think this is only a matter of months of operation. Next time I go to 7th I will ask for more love. That being said I think there are lots of places in DFW that surpass either. Kenny's, Maple B&B, Island Burger (on a good day) to name a few.

                                1. re: irodguy

                                  I haven't been to any of those, but I would add The Grape (their burger being only available at certain times on the weekend). Love Kenny's other restaurant ...