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Jul 27, 2009 01:54 AM

MIA'S on lemmon for brisket tacos

all i can say is wow those brisket tacos are good!

oh & also, go right when they open,
it gets crazy crowded for lunch.

thx for the excellent rec dfw 'hounds!

here's a few pics:

the tortilla chips and the tasty salsa:

the platter -- no flash:

w/ flash:

a peak inside at that brisket -- heh!

MIA'S cute restaurant interior:

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  1. Yes, they are seriously good. Glad you enjoyed!

    1. I completely agree, they are awesome! Once more.... Carolina's Mexican Cuisine just opened up closer to me at George Bush and Rosemeade and they have almost the same brisket tacos so no more waiting until I have a reason to go south! It's Carolina Rodriguez of the Mia's family and Mi Cocina group's new restaurnat.... awesome! and they have a great patio for North Dallas as well to go with the food and the La Bomba! -- Their drink special (awesome) to go with the huge beer selection, etc..... check it out if you like Mia's food and live a little on th North side.