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Jul 27, 2009 12:10 AM

Clover Leaf Tuna - Canada/U.S.?

Hi everyone,

I've long been a fan of CloverLeaf's Tomato and Onion canned tuna. An ex-Torontonian, I live in upstate New York now and unfortunately, Clover Leaf does not sell its products in the U.S. I visit Toronto every few months, and eat as much of this tuna as I can while I'm here. I'd love to buy a whole case to take back to the U.S. with me, but U.S. customs is iffy about meat products and I've had them confiscated before.

Does anyone know of any tuna product that tastes similar to CloverLeaf's Tomato and Onion? I'm looking for one - Canadian or American - that does sell in the U.S. Any other suggestions or ideas would also be very welcome.

Would greatly appreciate it! Thank you very much in advance.

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  1. BumbleBee is owned by the same company as CloverLeaf, Connor Brothers, New Brunswick.

    BB has a can of tuna with tomatoes, have you tried it?

    You could keep onion confit on hand and add a spoonful.

    1. Clover Leaf Tuna has one of the lowest mercury rates of tuna sold. The Canadian Government test for mercury levels in tuna for human consumption and cares about the cancer exposure to it's citizens and requires extensive testing and a very low mercury level. Bumble Bee, Georgia, USA is the largest tuna company in the world. It has the highest levels of mercury sold. Our government doesn't test it. Bumble Bee bought Clover Leaf and will not put something on the label which prevents it from being imported into the US by the FDA. We can buy all kinds of canned tuna from 3rd world countries, that look like puke when you open the can, but we can't buy tuna from Canada. I've stopped eating it, US tuna is dangerous.

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        FYI, CloverLeaf adheres to the Canadian standard of 0.5PPM,
        Wild Planet, sold in the US claims levels of 0.17PPM: