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Jul 26, 2009 11:48 PM

A&W - Yuck. Was it always that bad?

I went to the one in RI for the first time in over 10 years.. I don't remember it being bad. But it was.

The hot dogs were OK but the buns were kind of blah.

French Fries - Yuck! I was expecting some nice, greasy, hot fries and instead I got hard, crispy shoe string fries that most likely came from something frozen from Walmart.

Chicken Strips/Tenders - It was like $7 for the Combo with the fries. Nothing special about the tenders. Honestly, Burger King's are better and cheaper and it's about 30 seconds away from A&W.

Chocolate Shake/Malts. Are you kidding me? What was that? I'll stick with Cold Stone.

I haven't been to Spike's yet. I think I'll try there next.

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  1. Don't know about RI. BUT< I make it a point to stop at the A&W on Cape Cod each time I visit>>>FOR THE ROOT BEER.............
    I NEVER ORDER FOOD, it has always been terrible

    1. Gotta go for the root beer. It's really much better than anything you can buy.

      In terms of food, the only thing super worthwhile are the onion rings, which I think are some of the best. Sometimes you get lucky with hot dogs (I have been to a few, and have had a couple of good ones).

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        And absolutely - it cannot be one of those fast food places. It needs to be a legitimate drive-in, tray on your window-type deal.

      2. I agree -- we stopped at one a few months ago. Even the root beer float was terrible.

        1. I haven't been in a long time, but have fond memories of the root beer in the frosty mug. Can't think of not ordering root beer (diet) at A&W

          I used to love their Mama burger, have a friend in Canada who still raves about a Mama burger now and then.

          1. From what I've heard, A&Ws tend to be hit and miss, even for the root beer. The one closest to me has always been good, but it's also A&W's home town, so the locals would probably run riot if the quality ever slipped.