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Jul 26, 2009 11:22 PM

Pacific Standard bar sells It's It ice cream sandwiches!!!!

As a Bay Area kid separated from It's Its (the most amazing ice cream sandwiches made of quality oatmeal cookie, ice cream and enrobed in chocolate) during the 11 years I've lived in New York, I hold back my tears of joy to let others like me know that Pacific Standard bar in Brooklyn sells them. I had a mint sandwich this past Friday!

by the way, did someone already post this? tried doing search for "It's It" but I just got lots of threads with the word "it" in it...ha

More on It's It:

And Pacific Standard:

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  1. I was just looking on the web to see if I could find some in NYC. Thanks!

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    1. Best $4 I ever spent. The stuff of my childhood.

      1. I have to share this anecdote I wrote in a larger piece about ice cream:

        When I was in Perugia, for the jazz festival, I met a couple from the Bay Area who were traveling with their adolescent daughter. We went to a café to drink and chat. Somehow we got on the subject of ice cream, and I mentioned that every time I go to San Francisco I try to have an It’s-It. It’s-It is an old San Francisco specialty, an ice cream sandwich made with oatmeal cookies, covered in chocolate. The daughter enthused about how much she loved It’s-It.

        As we were sitting there, I noticed that somebody at a nearby table was getting gelato on a brioche. I told them about the breakfast tradition in Sicily, and that I hadn’t ever noticed the brioche thing elsewhere in Italy. The girl decided to try an Italian ice cream sandwich.

        As she was eating it, we asked her how she liked it. “It’s good,” she said, “but it’s no It’s-It.”