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Jul 26, 2009 10:59 PM

Amazing Tapas - in Medford Oregon!?!?

Every year we make our annual trip to Ashland Oregon. Having done this for 15 years now, we have our favorites in Ashland, but decided to venture out for a change having just finished a Saturday matinee. Googling wasn't turning up much.

Found references to a fairly new restaurant- Elements, a tapas bar, in the old Samovar location. Tapas, in Southern Oregon? But we were "wow"ed!

Started with chilean sea bass with a pepper, paprika and infused olive oil sauce. Couldn't believe how good it was. Not the least bit over done and the skin just slightly crispy. Then had duck slices with a cherry cinnamon sauce, spiked with whole fresh cherries. Another amazing dish. The table next to us ordered a 2nd dish of duck. Had the patatas bravas, spicier than I have had in San Francisco but good. The medley of 3 lamb meatballs at the next table would have been our next dish, but we wanted dessert. Finished with a fresh strawberry granita and husband had a flourless chocolate cake with housemade vanilla bean ice cream.

Amazing food in the middle of a somewhat moribund downtown.

If you are in Ashland, definitely worth the 20 minute drive for food as good as in any major city on the coast.

101 East Main Street, Medford, OR

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  1. Wow, glad you were impressed. I've been and think it pretty good, certainly the place we go to Medford when we want a decent small plates selection. I wish they did more with their wine list. Isn't up to snuff if you ask me. I'm glad they don't over emphasis Oregon wines (not a big fan, sorry) but they need an expanded selection. Prices are reasonable too.

    Sounds like you missed the flatbreads. They're pretty good as well. We can only hope a restaurant like this, one that doesn't specialize in fried foods, that isn't a franchise, makes it in downtown Medford. How I wish the City planners many years ago had some foresight to keep the city center vibrant. I'm afraid it's dying a slow death.