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Jul 26, 2009 10:27 PM

Best workday lunch near Varick and Spring

I was hoping for some suggestions about where to grab a quick lunch (on a lunch break) near Varick and Spring street. I've tried Grandaisy Bakery and Snack, but I am always looking to try new places would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Here are some places we order from regularly here at varick and spring:
    Peep (also good for a lunch break)
    Once Upon a Tart
    Aquagrill (no delivery, pickup only) for their sandwiches, or business lunch
    Calexico cart on Wooster (bit of a walk & long lines)
    Cubana Cafe (great apple jicama salad)
    Deb's Catering

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      I second Deb's Catering. There is a Korean truck on Hudson and King (on Thursdays only). Getting Hungry Deli on Varick and West Houston.

    2. I'm getting almost bored recommending mooncake foods but . . . it just works so well for so many queries!

      Mooncake Foods
      28 Watts St, New York, NY 10013

      1. I am super bored of Mooncake after eating the steak plate everyday for 3 months. I have yet to go back in the past 4 months. Where is Deb's Catering?

        Here's my heavy rotation:

        Aquagrill - salmon BLT or shrimp avocado sandwich
        Koo Japanese Fusion

        Less heavy rotation:
        Pepe Russo
        Rheon Cafe (great baked goods and salads)
        Sunrise Mart

        I can't recommend Alidoro b/c of their attitude and I can't rec Hiroko b/c of their food.

        1. Shorty's 32, Dog Ear Inn, Scuderia, Lucy Brown's, Rare

          10 Degrees South
          4183 Roswell Road Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30342-3715