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(MSP) Best buffalo wings?

I am always searching for the best buffalo wings. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten to try many yet. Any suggestions on where to get a great wing? What should a superior buffalo wing contain? It seems like such a simple food - but can be quite complicated to get it "right."

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  1. Right now my favorite is the buffalo wing at Ray J's in Woodbury. I know there are probably better out there, but this one is close to home and makes me plenty happy when nothing else fits the bill. I love that it's the full wing, not these little wee wing-lets. The less processed, the better it is. I look forward to other replies as I continue my own wing hunt!

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      I agree with the Ray J receomendation. My wife gets freaked out at the size of the wing beacause they are served whole, but I really like them that way.

    2. Not really Buffalo Wings, but Old Chicago has a good wing called Smokin' Jalapeno Firehouse that have diced jalapenos stuck in the sauce. Very good!

      1. Buffalo wings should have a lot of zing, both in terms of spice and vinegar. Sauces that are too creamy never penetrate the skin.

        Chicken wings in general should be focused and consistent. If it's a crispy wing, make it crispy (BW3 has this figured out). If it's a jerk wing, it should be tender and generously spiced.

        There is nothing worse than some random chicken drummy doused in store-bought sauce, and that describes 90% of the wings you'll find in this city.

        1. I haven't yet found anything terribly decent in MSP (granted I haven't checked everywhere) but there are some other threads here which may be of some help: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/582414 and http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/124984

          I was up at Girvan Grille on Saturday with some friends and while it's not Buffalo, two of us did their Ghost Wings Challenge. You can read more about the topic here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/623722

          Good luck.

          1. So I dug up this older post because I would really know where people find a good wing- either Buffalo or other specialty in the TC. I would classify a good buffalo wing being friend enough that there issn't too much lumpy fat- so crispy, and very hot, spicy but also able to taste the butter in the sauce. I like mine 'dry' where the sauce has been able to meld with the skin.

            For other wings- the same basics- no squishy chicken fat- fried wll with good sauce or flavor.

            Some of my likes and dislikes-
            Legends Bar & Grill- dislike. Used to go a lot in college for cheap wings, but the inconsistentcy and blah sauce does not cut it anymore.
            Mac's Industrial- like. They have really nice Grand Marnier sauce on well cooked wings
            Doolittle's Air Cafe-like. Great lemon garlic wings. They serve a whole wing there which is nice.
            The Cardinal- dislike. Buffalo wings were rubbery and weak.

            So I know these aren't maybe'wing' places, but I just wanted to get ideas flowing. Looking for a good spot in MPLS in particular.

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              My faves:

              Buffalo - Runyons does a nice job with these. I think it meets all of your criterion.

              Other - The Muddy Pig have jamaican jerk wings with a sort of aioli for dipping. These are my favorite, and they are perfect with some of the darker beers on tap.

              Muddy Pig
              162 Dale St N, Saint Paul, MN 55102

            2. Spring Street Tavern.

              Get both kinds.

              1. I think the best wings are actually at Burrito Loco in Dinkytown. They are nice and crispy, don't get their hot sauce though, it's their loco sauce which is basically just habaneros and a hot sauce in a blender, their medium is perfect. It seems like a random place to go for wings, but they are actually really good. On Wednesdays they are like 29 cents each and on Saturdays you can order a pitcher of beer and get a pitcher of wings with it.

                1. Tooties on Lowry Ave are pretty good. I have to check out the CC club. People seem to like that on the other thread. Personally, I like small, crispy wings with great sauce.

                  1. Runyons has been the best in town for the last 25+ years.

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                      Goby's has very, very good crispy wings. Skinners has some pretty decent wings as well.

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                        I agree on Runyon's wings. Love 'em ordered extra crispy with nuclear sauce. They are my absolute favorite.

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                          Runyons first with jakes a close second

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                          I have to say I've been on a big Runyons kick lately myself. These wings are twice the size of BW3, so don't let the price turn you off (I think $9 for a dozen). I get the regular sauce with a side of the "too hot" (I think that is the same as nuclear) sauce. And, real blue cheese dipping sauce! Even without asking for extra crispy, I think these have just the right bite.

                          Great laid back place.

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                            Agreed. After a recommendation from several people (including the ever so famous MSPD) I tried Runyon's last fall and thought the wings were definitely true to the form. Due to us wanting to share a huge plate of the wings (picture here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bill_roe... from the downtown Mpls location) I only got their traditional Buffalo style. I need to get back in there and try their spicy version and see if they are actually hot.

                            Mmm, now I want wings.

                        3. Had wings last Saturday at Harry Singh's Carribean .... Let's just say, that will be my take out place for wings in Mpls from now on .....

                          1. I just tried Runyons for the first time. Unbelievable! I got them extra crispy. Some great stuff.

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                              I'll throw in a vote for the Park Tavern bowling alley in St. Louis Park. Huge, juicy wings and nice spice. Last time I was there a big order was just $5 at happy hour.

                            2. My favorite wings in town are at the Leaning Tower on University. Hot, tangy, usually not too wet, crispy skin. Perfect.

                              1. Maxwell's, near the metrodome in DT Minneapolis, are by far my favorite and I'm a Buffalo Wing fanatic. They consistently have just the right amount of crispness and sauce. I'd give McCormick and Schmick DT Minneapolis and Rock Bottom Brewery an honorable mention.

                                I'm not as big of a fan of Runyon's wings, only because the preparation has been inconsistent in my experience. Sometimes they aren't crispy and have too much sauce, other times they are just right.