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Jul 26, 2009 08:26 PM

biscuits in Park Slope area?

For some bizarre reason, making biscuits is my Achilles heel in cooking. I've tried a couple of different recipes, but the biscuits were always lame.... So, please don't bother to tell me to make my own biscuits!.

I'm asking specifically whether any places around Park Slope have decent biscuits -- e.g., Sweet Melissa, Trois Pommes, Ladybird, anywhere else?? I need to grab some biscuits tomorrow. Downtown Brooklyn, Atlantic Ave. and Brooklyn Heights are also possibilties, since I work nearby.

TIA for any suggestions.

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  1. BTW, I learned that a place called Little Buddy Biscuit Company will open soon on 5th Avenue, between 17th and 18th. However, they'll be selling mostly cookies (called "biscuits" elsewhere), although the owner said he's considering a savory Souhtern-style biscuit too.

    In the meantime, I guess I'll get some Sarabeth's biscuits from Fresh Direct, or just run to Popeye's!

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      Sarabeth's from FD are a staple for me. Ladybird does make some pretty good biscuits though--much larger than Sarabeth's. I would call to find out when they have them. They are always there on weekend mornings; I'm not sure about other times.

      1. re: parkslopemama

        The tender texture and taste of fresh biscuits is just so much better than cold reheated biscuits. I know you didnt want this but you might try a simple buttermilk drop biscuit recipe, which avoids the patting, cutting etc.. My husband (a non-baker) has been known to make those in the Joy of Cooking. dont be afraid.

        I like the Popeyes biscuits but the salty margarine on top is gross.

        1. re: jen kalb

          I'm know I'm beating a dead horse here, but just wanted to make two follow-up notes:

          The Popeyes in downtown Brooklyn is out of business, closed for good.

          Ladybirg DOES have biscuits, although they tend to sell out in the afternoon. They 're pretty good, but not great.

          1. re: parkslopemama

            The one on Flatbush at Fulton closed but I think there are several others on Court, Empire Bld etc, phone book time, the website is not very easy to use.

            1. re: jen kalb

              I third Popeyes. I'd either hit the one on Empire Blvd. off Flatbush or the one on the corner of Flatbush and Parkside.

              1. re: bigmackdaddy

                If you want to give making your own bisquitsanother try I have a little trick I learned many years ago from a southern cook. Keep a cotton kitchen towel around just for this, or I've even used a new pillow case(kept just for this use). When you finished your bisquit dough, flour your towel, yes, the towel and put your bd on there, then grab the corners on opposite ends of the towel and knead your dough that way. Pulling the towel up and over the dough, go back and forth a few times till dough is smooth. You barely have to touch the dough, all you do is pat it out or a light roll and cut your bisquits. They always come out light and fluffy.

        2. re: parkslopemama

          I just ran into Pete, the owner of Little Buddy, this morning and got a tour of the place (it didn't take long - its a small place) and he said they're going to open on Wednesday. I've had his cookies before and they're really, really good.

        3. I'm not much of a cook, but biscuits are pretty easy. In my opinion, the key is that you MUST use lard. Nothing else provide the proper flakiness. So veggies are out-of-luck on this one. Also, kneading should be minimal.