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Jul 26, 2009 07:12 PM

Dinner Before Angels Game

I looked at old threads but they were like five years old...any recs for a group of 6 guys prior to the game...easy in..easy out? drinks..anything besides hooters type places?..(providing we get down there in time) .thanks.. ..

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  1. The Old Ship has two locations and both are reasonable close to the park -- Santa Ana and Fullerton. Good food, nice dark pub with good air conditioning, . Eat iand drink in either the pub sectrion or the dinning room.

    The Old Ship

    1. King's Fish House - casual, decent, fresh seafood.

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        thanks..i will pass on the info..years ago we did the disney/anaheim 3 day trip and we went to a place that was around the stadium and they were noted for their gluttons delight portions...i think they have been there for you know what i am talking about..they had eclairs the size of small name maybe???

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          You might be thinking about Bellisle's (not sure about the spelling) if so they've been closed for years. There is a Brew pub around the corner from Angel Stadium. JT Schmids.

          1. re: ozbuc

            thanks that might work..i think i been there before..the fact that it is a brewery might account for why i don't remember

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