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Help! Multiple open jars of jam and jelly!

After a week of house guests, I have several open jars jams/jellies (strawberry/blueberry/grape/apricot) and would like to use them sooner than later. What do you do with jam, other than PB&J's ande thumbprint cookies? Thanks

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  1. linzer tortes, and preserves are nice between cake layers. i used blackberry preserves between cake layers this weekend, along with lemon curd. excellent combo.

    1. Well , you could make gastrique to sauce fish, pork, or chicken. Melt some jam/jelly over low heat and add some good vinegar. Play with it until you like the taste. Use as a sauce on cooked meat. Freeze leftovers in ice cube trays.

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        I love that idea! I always wind up with dribs and drabs of stuff. (A little secret. We live near a Hyatt casino and get comped rooms on occasion. I HAVE been known to wander to halls picking up unopend jars of jam!!!!)

      2. These jam muffins are pretty nice and you may want to try them...have done them well with strawberry jam and I usually sub whole wheat flour for part of the recipe:


        1. Use them mixed with stock & drippings for sauces with your pan roasted meats - beef, duck pork, chicken, etc.

          1. Stir a spoonful into herbal/fruit teas to sweeten.
            Use to make salad dressing- I play with proportions of vinegar, olive oil and jams depending on the sweetness of the jam.

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              I second their use in salad dressings. Also in marinades and dipping sauces.

            2. stir some into cottage cheese, ricotta, yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast. you can also warm it and drizzle over frozen yogurt or ice cream.

              1. http://joyofbaking.com/RaspberryOatme... These are delicious, ans will take care of 1 cup+ of your jam(sub any jam you like).

                1. Apricot jam. Warm and strain to use as a glaze on a fruit tart. This from a person with at least 6 jars of jam in the fridge at any time. And I don't even eat jam. The family does though.

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                    I do the same with any kind of jelly. I particularly like Champagne jelly for this.

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                      haha I mix apricot jam with cheap champagne for a good marinade :-)

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                        Isn't "cheap Champagne" an oxymoron ? :-) Of course, you may well have deeper pockets than I do.

                        What do you marinate in it ?

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                          haha- well-Ill say it this way- cheap sparkling wine, or in more cases- Prosecco- between 10 and 14 per bottle...and with the amount I use in the marinade-theres plenty left over to sip :-)

                          Pork primarily with that mixture-esp with the addition of a little thyme-makes a good marinade. Though Ive also been known to use a little of the "wine" cooked off with spinach, or other veggies dishes.

                  2. I'll take the mundane route: Make lots of thumbprint cookies.

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                      Or you could make little polish cookies too. They are so delightful and even though most recipes say to use pie fillings, you can use jam and jelly with a little cornstarch added to thicken. http://easteuropeanfood.about.com/od/...

                    2. Every Christmas we make little tarts, and fill them with jam, lemon curd, etc.

                      1. I make an easy apricot chicken dish and it calls for 1/2 cup of apricot jam. I can post it if you'd like.

                        1. Orange or apricot are good added into soups like butternut squash. Also, those or the blueberry I thin with some wine (or blueberry port) and glaze roasts or meat on the grill. Grape I would just eat PB&J on Ritz crackers til it was gone. Also all good added into plain yogurt, as mentioned above.

                          1. Three ideas:1. mix it with plain yogurt. 2. Melt into cream or milk and spin in a ice cream machine. 3. Sautee an onion with a little garlic, add the jam or jelly along with a little cider vinager. This will make an easy chutney for crackers, cheese, fish or chicken.

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                              All outstanding ideas! Exactly what I was going to say! :)

                            2. Stir them all together and put them in one jar - my mother was fanatical about having an uncluttered refrigerator so she always did this. If you didn't know she'd mixed the dregs you'd have thought it was just a mixed fruit jam.

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                                Now that's about the best idea yet! I love it and wll probably be doing it this morning. Cool.

                              2. Apricot could be used as a glaze for chicken. Add some freshly grated ginger for a bit of added bite.

                                The strawberry, grape and blueberry would be good mixed into Greek yogurt. But they won't go bad any time soon, so just use them when you want them on scones or English muffins?

                                1. No one else has mentioned it, so I wonder if this is unique to my mom--ever have a jelly omelet? Laugh if you'd like, but they're tasty.

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                                    Not unique to your mom, and definitely tasty! Mine made me (jam) omelets when I was a kid, too. Egg beaten and cooked flat and thin, spread with jam, and roll up, or fold in thirds.

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                                      wow. i haven't though about those in years! i loved mine with strawberry jam...

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                                        Yeah, strawberry's the best flavor for jam omelets, I think, but apricot's good, too - and OP has both.

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                                      My dad used to make them with apple jelly.... ugh, I always hated them!! Sorry! ;-)

                                    3. use your favorite muffin recipie
                                      put a bit of batter in muffin tin, place a bit of jam in, then cover with more batter - bake as usual...

                                      1. Bang Bang Chicken. Get a chicken, upend all your open jars of jams, dressings, marinades and bang them till empty. Roast as usual.

                                        1. i can't believe i'm the first to mention an english trifle!

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                                            there is NO jam in an English trifle and I am English!! You can use a swiss roll cake which has jam but there is no jam layer! It's plain cake soaked in sherry, fruit usually from a tin or bananas, cold custard and whipped cream.

                                            1. re: smartie

                                              well maybe that's why no one mentioned it before me! ;-)).

                                              here in the u.s, we take liberties, you see. we'll call my version an american trifle, then. i like fresh strawberries in a jam, or raspberries with some raspberry jam. and i might not use sherry, but a diluted-with-fruit-juice grand marnier. call me heretic, if you will.....

                                              in honor of sista-kat and cuccu-bro, i propose a key lime tropical american trifle. just think: key lime custard, sponge cake soaked with a mojito-like concoction, lime zest! all piled high then topped with a very lightly vanilla-scented whipped cream. and what for the fresh fruit inside? let's get crazy with fresh-shaved coconut and some chunks of mango!

                                              1. re: alkapal

                                                Amen, sista. "Let's go crazy--let's get nuts!" ;) It's a family affair and I would be all too happy to dig in. The "mojito-like concoction" and key lime custard truly called my name.

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                                                Sorry, but I had many trifles in England back in the 60's that had good quality jam, rather than fresh fruit. It also had custard and whipped cream, but certainly no canned fruit. In summer, there would be fresh berries, but that was a very short season.

                                            2. Last week I emptied out the last from a jar of apricot preserves, mixed with equal part whole grain mustard and a clove of garlic to glaze pork chops on the grill. Served with arugula salad with chopped dates and goat cheese. Heaven.

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                                              1. In my family jam tarts were made with multiple flavors. Line a pie or tart pan with pastry and then lay in strips or coils of dough like spooks in a wheel. Put different jams in each section. A great way to used up little bits of jam, and or to give everyone their favorite.

                                                If you've got jams that look alike you can decorate. Almonds to tell the Raspberry from the Strawberry or initals made with dough to mark everyone's favorite.

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                                                  stuffed monkey, i love the "pinwheel" jams tart idea! how pretty and festive.

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                                                    The pinwheel comment reminds me of this simple recipe for puff pastry pinwheels is good for using up dabs of different flavors of jam, if you can get high-quality, all-butter puff pastry, such as Dufour: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

                                                2. Thanks for the tips! I've got a chicken in the crockpot with apricot jam, some grapefruit juice, chicken stock, s&p, olive oil, and a sliced onion. Will post results tomorrow.

                                                  1. Crepes and jam or panckakes and jam rolled up are nice.

                                                    Muffins w jam in the middle.

                                                    Dipping sauce for chicken,add some pepper.chili flakes,salt maybe...

                                                    Mix w yogurt to make a sauce for chicken pita sandwiches.

                                                    brush on meats or fish before cooking.

                                                    use to dip chicken nuggets or even vegetarian nuggets.

                                                    have seen flavored tofu w jam in the bottom at the grocery store,they had mango or blueberry only,but anything else should work good!

                                                    Smoothies! w jam ice cream,ice or whatever......

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                                                      Hmmm...another Ottawan who uses leftover jam in smoothies! This is my go-to approach.

                                                    2. I just read this idea in Saveur- jam can be used as a sweetener in fruity milkshakes to boost the fruit flavor as well....

                                                      1. I made a wonderful fruit sauce for a baked puffed apple pancake using excess jam, frozen berries, a little riesling, and sugar. Delish!!!!

                                                        Also, trifle!!! Yum.

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                                                          Should add, too, that the aforementioned sauce is great on ice cream, too.

                                                        2. Definately try a marinade of orange marmalade, soy, garlic, ginger on pork chops then grilled. Wonderful

                                                          I also use, and the kids even prefer it to maple syrup, on pancakes and waffles. Strawberry or raspberry jam, is the best, but I'm sure the others would work also.

                                                          1. If you want to keep them as they are scrape off the top layer and then pour in a layer of GOOD Brandy. This will preserve the remainder and give it a new distinctive flavour . the re - seal and store in a cool dry place.