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Jul 26, 2009 07:09 PM

Help! Multiple open jars of jam and jelly!

After a week of house guests, I have several open jars jams/jellies (strawberry/blueberry/grape/apricot) and would like to use them sooner than later. What do you do with jam, other than PB&J's ande thumbprint cookies? Thanks

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  1. linzer tortes, and preserves are nice between cake layers. i used blackberry preserves between cake layers this weekend, along with lemon curd. excellent combo.

    1. Well , you could make gastrique to sauce fish, pork, or chicken. Melt some jam/jelly over low heat and add some good vinegar. Play with it until you like the taste. Use as a sauce on cooked meat. Freeze leftovers in ice cube trays.

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        I love that idea! I always wind up with dribs and drabs of stuff. (A little secret. We live near a Hyatt casino and get comped rooms on occasion. I HAVE been known to wander to halls picking up unopend jars of jam!!!!)

      2. These jam muffins are pretty nice and you may want to try them...have done them well with strawberry jam and I usually sub whole wheat flour for part of the recipe:

        1. Use them mixed with stock & drippings for sauces with your pan roasted meats - beef, duck pork, chicken, etc.

          1. Stir a spoonful into herbal/fruit teas to sweeten.
            Use to make salad dressing- I play with proportions of vinegar, olive oil and jams depending on the sweetness of the jam.

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              I second their use in salad dressings. Also in marinades and dipping sauces.