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Jul 26, 2009 06:56 PM

Cake decorating classes?


I'm looking to take some cake decorating classes in Austin. I'm not a total beginner (although I have a lot to learn) so don't want to do the Wilton classes at Michael's, instead I rather learn from a wedding and sculpted cake designer (one on one or in small groups). Would love to learn how to perfect my fondant, make better gum paste flowers, and how to build the best internal structures for different kinds of cakes.

Is there a pastry/culinary program that might offer continuing education classes?

thank you!!

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  1. All In One Bakeshop may be a good option for you - they have a variety of classes on many different topics that are taught by decorating professionals.

    Don't let the building's exterior fool you. It may be small and a little dingy, but the quality of their products and instruction is exceptional.

    Another option may be ACC's culinary arts program - I think that they have informal classes as well as more traditional instruction.