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Jul 26, 2009 06:10 PM

Dok Bua: Still on top of its game

Haven't been in a while and got a craving for larb. Happy to see it busy on a muggy Sunday evening and clearly and deservedly a neighborhood favorite. Started with the yummy Miang-Kum, all crunchy and served with a tangy tamarind sauce. That nice balance of lime, chili, and sweetness. Followed with a deep fried fish in chili and basil, again with the sauce perfectly poised between hot, sour and sweet. Ended with the larb we had come for: just the right stuff. Service was as sweet and attentive as ever. This is an ever-pleasant, well-run and excellent kitchen and a nice counterpoint to other grander places in price and quality. Dinner for two can easily be had for 11.00 bucks apiece if you stick to the very extensive fixed dinner menu, and its a bargain even if you order everything you want! I think the neighborhood will make sure this place is there everytime I remember I need a larb fix!

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  1. Yep, I feel pretty lucky to have this place close by and I stop in often. Aside from an occasional heavy hand with the sugar (maybe only when I don't specify that I want Thai-style), there's hardly a loser in the bunch of really great, authentic dishes they offer. I have a particular soft spot for the duck noodle soup, but their curries are some of the best tasting around too. The folks there are really nice, and with that lovely decor, I always feel like I've taken a little trip back to Thailand when I'm there.

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      I agree Dok Bua is always in the running for the best thai in the city. However, I feel like they have raised prices multiple times in the last year and the value isn't what it used to be. However, the food is consistently good, service is friendly, and i love the ambiance (especially the dishwasher on the way to the bathroom), it will certainly remain in my rotation. I just find myself visiting S&I and Rod Dee more frequently for cheap eats when i don't require table service.

    2. I was there recently as well. Still probably my favorite Thai place in the Boston area, though Mango II up in Tewksbury gives it a run for its money, IMO.

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        I absolutely agree about Mango II. It is so unassuming, especially being in a little strip mall but everything there is always nicely spicy and spot on.

      2. Does Dok Bua still have a decent selection of Thai grocery items? I haven't been in ages, but now that Super 88's shelves are bare, I may be heading back...

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          Nope. They used to a long time ago, but no more grocery items.