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Jul 26, 2009 05:17 PM

Best Restaurant in Petersburg, VA

We're stopping for the night in Petersburg, VA (most likely Olde Towne) and are looking for some good eats in Petersburg, VA. Vegetarian or seafood preferred, but an amazing chef who's open for options would be great...

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  1. I work in Petersburg, so I mostly rate places by their lunches. Based on hearsay reviews, I'd look into The Bistro at Market & Grove, Andrade's, or the Brickhouse Run. Also, look into what's going on at the Sycamore Rouge while you're in town. Their a nonprofit theater & music venue, and used to have a really good chef on nights when they had longer performances. He's gone, and I haven't tried it since, but I bet it's still fun.

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      Thanks, Abby--I appreciate the tips!