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Jul 26, 2009 04:24 PM

best pizza/slice in the burg near bedford?

Carmines is clearly the best, but i moved away from Graham Ave... anything good near Bedford stop? not impressed by Vinnie's or Fornino

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  1. really hard to say since it depends so much on your personal preferences. i think the margarita classica is excellent at fornino, but you have to be down with that style, and it can occasionally vary in quality so i'd give it another shot if you've only tried once. at any rate, it's not a slice place:

    for slices:

    i like la nonna the best (bedford btwn n. 4th & 3rd). thinner crust than the other slices around and the white arugala, fresh mozza, parmesan slice (w/ prosciutto also avail) is delish. it's also open relatively late... though not as late as anna marie (death by grease) and vinnie's (sometimes annoyingly hipster / vegan friendly).

    driggs pizza (driggs @ n. 7th is prob the most consistent manhattan style slice) though not anything to write home about.

    san marco (near lorimer) and val diano (greenpoint) will deliver traditional pies to bedford stop area as well... but try la nonna first.

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      Though I'd likewise stop short of endorsinge regular slice at Driggs Pizza, their grandpa slice merits a try if you're willing to branch out into square territory. It's loaded with fresh-chopped tomatoes (best when in-season, naturally), garlic, olive oil, and a dash of dried hot pepper flakes. Things tend to get messy if you eat it on the run, but he crust is usually crisp enough to provide ample support, and I find it much more appealing (i.e. saltier) than than the crust on their stand thard slices.

      1. re: CalJack

        thanks guys... i actually (before seeing this) ordered a pie from Driggs after reading other posts elsewhere, and yeah, was solid. i was really disaapointed with Vinne's mainly because it was so close and always packed... i didn't mean to diss fornino - i actually had a good eat-in epxerience there a couple years ago. i guess i just wanted a non-artisan local... looks like Driggs is it... still miss being by Carmine's though

    2. For coal oven I would definitely recommend Baci & Abracci. For ital-american, I'm with you on Carmines.

      1. San Marco's special pies are great (not the regular or sicilian) especxially the fresh mozz and garlic grandma style.