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Jul 26, 2009 02:07 PM

Are out-of-town sourdough starters repopulated by local yeasts? [moved from Boston board]

I've been told by folks who should know that eventually, out-of-town starters will be repopulated by local yeasts and become Cambridge starter, which is (ObLocalFood) reportedly not very sour and a little bitter.

I can imagine this going either way - either the San Fran yeast defending their turf and holding their own, or the inevitable localizing.

Ridiculous? Sensible? Confirm or deny?

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  1. um, did you use local yeast to make your starter? If it came from a little packet with a star on the front, it's hard to imagine it being different from one local to the next.
    If you really did use San Fran or some other particular strain of yeast, I don't see any reason why you couldn't keep that colony alive as long as you take care of it. Of course, finding someone to water the plants/feed the fish when you go on an extended trip is probably easier than finding someone to feed the yeast and keep it cozy warm.

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      There are websites where you can buy sourdough starters.

      for example.

      On that page, it does say "When you feed it, it quickly becomes your own, adapting itself to your own region and climate." I'd read into that, yes, the local yeasts are going to have an impact on your starter after a while.

    2. I don't bake so forgive me if my lingo is off. But I've read about bakeries moving to a different location and the bread changing considerably. Some of "old, good stuff" didn't make the move with them :)

      1. This thread has some interesting discussion about this issue: