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Jul 26, 2009 04:09 PM

any Scandinavian cocktails or alcoholic beverages?

I would like to start experimenting with cocktails, punch, cordials (anything with alcohol) from Scandinavia. Any favorites?

I can't find any books on the topic either, and that's what I'm mostly looking for, so if anyone knows any books on the topic, or books that cover a lot on the topic, PLEASE let me know. (Preferably, books in English that I can find somewhere online or in Los Angeles)


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    1. Glogg

      It is a spiced mulled wine popular in Scandinavian countries around Christmastime...
      I have an aunt who likes to make it every year.

      1. Aquavit, aquavit and aquavit! Glogg is the next suggestion, but it's best when it's really cold outside.

        I've made a delicious Bloody Mary made with aquavit, instead of vodka. To add an amusing garnish, a stalk of dill would be good, too! (granted, you most likley woulden't want to eat it like celery, tho!)
        If you are in LA, a trip to Janet Jarvis books in Pasadena is a must-go. A great only cookbook store, the best book to get is the old Time-Life series "Foods Of The World, Scandinavia" Still one of the best books on the cuisine and aquavit, IMHO.

        Have fun, and SKOL!

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        1. re: Honeychan

          WOW thanks so much! I love Pasadena, so I can't wait to check this place out =)

          1. re: sirahola

            The store is both awsome and terrifying all at once. A jam-packed store, floor-to-ceeling with nothing but cookbooks. It also has NO air conditioning, and the owner has 2 cats and a small dog she keeps with her. NOT a great experience if you have allergies, or a sensitive resperation. But, a treasure trove of cookboooks, I wish I could have looked for more than 10 minutes before having to leave it. (It may help when fall hits, and the temp cools down)

            Have fun!

        2. Well, if you can find it, Brennivin is the classsic Icelandic drink. Potato mash, distilled, flavored with caraway. The best part is its nickname: Black Death.