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Jul 26, 2009 04:01 PM

Great goat cheese

Just want to let fellow lovers of goat cheese know about some cheese I had this morning (Sunday) at the Morningside Heights farmer's market. It's from Ardith Mae in PA, and it's the closest I've tasted to French quality goat cheese in the US. I've never been a big farm of Coach Farm, because it always tasted so bland to me, as if they were afraid to let any of the goat-y character shine through (a bit like those lamb purveyors who brag that their meat doesn't taste too gamey--why would I bother then?). Ardith Mae cheeses, on the other hand, display a broad range of flavors and ripeness. I'm loving the Valencay-style pyramid I got today. Plus, the cheesemaker's a good guy.

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  1. Very interesting. Do you know if its available elsewhere other than the Morningside Heights market?

    1. Do they carry reduced fat goat cheese?

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        brettnyc, I think that they might be in Brooklyn Heights on Saturdays, but google it to make sure.

        ajs42548, I'm not sure. You've got me curious, however. Is there some reason to eat reduced fat goat cheese? Other than Parmigiano, I don't know of any decent cheeses made from reduced fat milk. That doesn't mean that they aren't out there, so I'd be interested to hear about them.