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Jul 26, 2009 03:50 PM

Louisiana and Mississippi recs by I-20

I will be driving from Dallas to Birmingham this coming Sunday or Monday via I-20 and was wondering about distinctive or, you know, satisfying lunch and dinner places to stop not far off the road and eat along the way: Shreveport, Monroe, Vicksburg, Meridian, etc. My first time through the region!

Thanks for your help with what I realize is a somewhat broad question.

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  1. Eric,

    I most highly recommend Herby-K's just W of the river in Shreveport on the S side of I-20.

    Herby-K's Restaurant 318-424-2724
    1833 Pierre Ave, Shreveport, LA 71103-3217

    PRINT THE MAP ... you can't get there from here ... regardless of where you are :-


    I'm quite partial to the Oyster & Shrimp Poboy ... but the Shrimp Buster is good ... the Oyster Poboy is great. The beer is cold dilute piss of large commercial brewers ... so you gotta take the good w/ the bad.

    Also highly recommend

    Savoie's 318-795-9700
    2441 E 70th St, Shreveport, LA 71105-4701

    It's a little off the road, closed when they can't get crawfish ... so check the website & their schedule. Again ... PRINT THE MAP ... we got lost 12 times trying to find it w/o a map. But you can't miss the big faded crawfish w/ the chef's hat sign. It's fancier than HerbyK's and a broader menu. Nicer (but not fancy) for a sit-down meal (then get a HerbyK's poboy to go for on-the-road across the rest of the state :-


    Ralph & Kacoo's has a chain of places ... I don't think any compare to the one in the Vieux Carre in N'Awlins ... but they hint at decent cajun if you are desperate.

    Don't get off of I-20 to see Lake Providence ... no good food there ... The Dock is a serious disappointment unless you think Subway Sandwiches are a gourmet delight.

    Bon appetit (let me know about Vicksburg & Jackson if you can ... I'm curious about them ... heard they don't have much to offer.

    1. In Vicksburg, you could try Walnut Hills:

      I haven't been in a while, but friends say that it is still great...

      1. Rusty's River Front Grill...Vicksburg...Open for Lunch and dinner Tues-Saturday...Go early or expect a wait...The fried green tomatoes are a must try. Very generous portion and rich!!

        Also you might try Cedar Grove for a more up-scale experience...Note days and hours of operation. --------

        I cannot reccommend Walnut Hills -------

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        1. re: Uncle Bob

          Walnut Hills isn't good these days? Sorry to hear that- it has been a while since I've been there. Where is Rusty's?

          1. re: Clarkafella

            Not to me Clark. A year ago I said I would never go back!! However, I was in there two weeks ago, and again we were not impressed.--- Very limited variety for a place of this genre...Quality far less than par...Talk around the table was..."Were the rolls from yesterday? ... or the day before? Certainly not the place I used to frequent almost on a weekly basis several years back. ------ Rusty's is located at 981 Washington. Expect a wait.

        2. Eric,

          I DO NOT recommend (I only mention it so you won't be lured by the signs):
          Warehouse No. 1 Restaurant - One Olive Street - Monroe, Louisiana 71201 - (318) 322-1340

          It's fine for high schoolers w/ McDonald's palates out on prom dates, maybe a big night out for the whole family where everyone has different tastes & the kids are finicky. But the food is uninspired, the service was poor .... it's big, it's noisy, it's a large commercial venture that crams you in as tightly as possible & treats you like cattle. But depending upon what you want, and are willing to pay for ... it might be perfect for your needs.

          I'd rather drive past w/ a Herby-K's poboy in hand :-)