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Street food: Point me to something new

I'm still fond of the carts along Roosevelt Ave. and the Red Hook vendors, but I'd like to know what else is out there that's not tied to a festival, like the Indonesian food bazaar or the West Indian Day Parade. Are any of the vendors near the Parade Grounds, in Brooklyn, worth a trip? (My one visit, on a Saturday, would suggest no.) Is there still action near the cricket games in Lincoln Terrace Park (Tuesdays and Thursdays, last I read)? How about Webster Ave. in the Bronx, or Richmond Hill in Queens, or anywhere in Staten Island? And though this is the outer boroughs board, if you know of an interesting and undiscovered street vendor in Manhattan, all power to you, but please tell us.

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  1. Wow. I'll bet that most of the posters here look to you to find something new here. Well, I'm 98% sure that you've probably had them, but I'll throw it out anyway. As I haven't been there in a while, still not sure if it's going on. But H-Mart on Northern and around 150 and H-Mart on Union had a couple of small street stands outside of their market. As I've only been there on weekends, may be perhaps a weekend thing only. A couple of my favorite things out there are bungeoppang and hotteok. I really don't like Korean desserts in general. Give me some macarons and chocolate cake any day! But I'll make the exception for these two treats. Bungeoppang are a Korean version of taiyaki (fish-shaped hot cakes filled with sweetened red bean paste). The shells are lighter, thinner and crisper than the Japanese version (which tend to be more cake-like). I like it when the dough is slightly undercooked as it makes the innards more creamy. Apparently, according to my mom, it was the food of the poor in Korea as it was one of the cheapest things around there. And hotteok is really delicious. I used to eat it a lot in LA. It's kind of like a wheat flour/sweet rice flour griddled pancake stuffed with peanuts, cinnamon, and brown sugar (and perhaps butter?) inside. It's served warm, and the filling gets all warm and gooey and the outside is crisp, buttery and chewy at the same time.


    1. Not sure if it’s worth a special trip, but there’s a Schnitzel Truck that’s been parking on Smith Street (bet Warren & Baltic) near the Met Food. I don’t know there schedule and have yet to try it, but when I walked it smelled really good and some other posters have given it decent reviews. If you’re near the F train it’s only a block or two walk from the Bergen Street station exiting on Warren.

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        Find out where the truck is every day via its Twitter page:

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          Do you happen to know the truck's hours of operation?

      2. Thanks, all!

        I was hoping to hear about trucks and carts rather than stands set up outside their brick-and-mortar motherships, but I had a look at the Union St. H-Mart anyhow. On a Thursday, shaved ice was pretty much it, though many other vacant stalls still awaited the weekend. Whether these vanish with the warmer weather, I don't know.

        I hit the Schnitzel & Things truck when it hit Manhattan, by which time it was no longer a denizen of the undiscovered country. The sides are small, but that's some nice cod schnitzel:


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          yesterday ( 8.24.09) there were about 8 stalls outside the union st. H-Mart. it was there 25th anniversary of that location. there was demos and loads of free food inside and out. sorry you missed it

        2. maybe try Ridgewood around the myrtle-wyckoff stop
          i seen mexican food carts out there but i never tried them
          although it looks somewhat menu looks similar to the redhook and roosevelt ave food carts

          washington heights also has dominican food vendors on 181th and st nick specially juices though

          1. GREAT question, Id really like to expand our repertoire of street food as well. I mean there’s the standard cart on 53rd and 6th and I am really enjoying the variety at Red Hook, but I would love to expand the horizons. I was just looking at the vendy awards website for some new ideas…but I am not going to spend 80 a ticket for street food, doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

            Any reviews on the following
            Traditional Indian Biryani cart 46th and 6th, Midtown Manhattan

            Middle Eastern 30th Street and Broadway, Astoria

            Rickshaw Dumpling - Kenny Lao

            Jamaican Dutchy Jamaican 51st Street & 7th Avenue, Midtown

            1. Have you been to the lady on Sackett St. btw Smith and Hoyt, in Carroll Gardens. I believe she's Dominican. It's only her, not a group of carts, but she's v. nice and the food is pretty good. My kids are addicted to the empanadas--fried and greasy in a good way.

              I know she's there on saturdays, but not sure about sundays--i've been gone all summer, so haven't checked.

              1. ohhhh, check it out: I think this guy is new... He is usually just south of astoria blvd on Steinway. I am still not sure exactly what type of food this is, but its middle eastern of some sort.... He cooks meats over coals and it looks awesome.

                I think he's new b/c the cart is immaculate. He is also a very friendly guy and cares about the food.

                I think I'm gonna go there tonight.

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                  I did. It's called Al-Shamy. the cart is attached to the store it sits in front of. they have a fridge out front so they guy can refer to it when he wants. It's egyptian. they do kebabs (is that what egyptians call it?) on a hero/pita or platter.
                  Im eating kufta on a pita right now. its pretty damn satisfying. sandwiches are 6/7 , platters are 9/10.
                  The guy who runs it is a lot of fun. he's like the mayor of town and fun to talk to.

                  Theyve been there for about a year.

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                    I've been curious about them for a while as well. But I forget about them and get my fix at Cedars Meat House or I'm coming or going from Kabab Cafe when I spot them. I'll try to remember them. There's a similar cart on 30th Ave somewhere west of Steinway. I hope to check them out soon as well.

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                      to me, it's extremely difficult not to go to little morocco.
                      I like how this is just an extension of the store behind them.

                2. i love the halal cart on baxter right before the fork in the road leading to 82nd. the gyro is huge lots of veggies better than sammys!

                  1. Today is the West Indian Day parade. It is the street food event of the year.

                      1. There are several chimichurri (Dominican sandwich) trucks near the 207 St station on the 1 line in Upper Manhattan. They tend to open for late afternoon and evening.


                        El Dugout on 202 St near 10 ave (in parking lot) opens at 7 PM. It has been recommended for corn doughish goodies. It wasn't open yet on previous visits.

                        207 St and Dyckman St. have many options. There is a butcher with live chickens on 10 ave. A little time will likely turn up some places of interest. There are other trucks with the usual fried meat, yucca, ...

                        1. My article on five street-food vendors who have followers, but not on Twitter, appears in the October 21, 2009 edition of The New York Times:


                          Although this Chow thread didn't introduce me to any of the vendors in the final story, I appreciate the many houndish suggestions, and the good eats I found along the way. Thanks to all!