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Jul 26, 2009 02:55 PM

Norfolk - best dining?

Where is the best place for a good dining experience in the Norfolk VA area? Will be there shortly. BTW, is Norfolk and Hampton Roads area the same thing? Thanks

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  1. Hampton Roads is the greater metropolitan area that includes, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Hampton and Newport News. You might want to specify you locational and cuisine preferences and then perhaps you'll get more suggestions. I haven't lived in the area for years, so I'm sorry I don't have any current information to share. If you do a search for various terms such as "Hampton Roads", Norfolk", "Virginia Beach", "Portsmouth" you'll definitely find some relevant threads.

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      depends on what kind of food you want. For sushi, I like Nara and Kyushu. For tacos, taqueria El Rey, wine house has a great wine tasting for $15, surfrider has the best crab cakes, Razzo is my fav for italian, I like Felinis and Cogans for pizza and pints, Shucks has good oysters and great beer selection, Citrus has a great brunch, etc.

    2. Depends what you are looking for.
      I'm not really into "fine dining".
      but I'll just throw out my favorites in different categories.

      California style fish tacos: Pelones (one on the beach and one in Norfolk)
      Beer: Tap House (live music, decent food ) Bier Garden (best beer in town German food, it's in P-town)
      Seafood: Several fresh catch eateries on shore drive including Dockside and Bubba's. Very laid back.
      Burger: Phil's Grill at the beach. Best burger I've had in the area. Hands down.
      It's kind of a hole in the wall locals place.
      All around great food: NoFrill Bar and Grill on Colley Ave (try the Spotswood Salad! w/ seared tuna!!)
      Peruvian: Imperio Inca on 21st in Ghent. Great Ceviche!!
      Mexican: I can't reccomend one.....I think the Mexican stinks in Hampton roads
      A few decent ones closed down recently because of the economy and because they didn't cater enough to American tastes.
      (I'm hispanic and grew up in LA... sorry, but their is a GREAT El Salvadorean place called "El Gavilan" in norfolk. They do some Mexican cuisine better than any "Mexican" restaurant in the area.
      Sushi: Kanpai!!! (my wife and I go there for most special occasions, hell we even ate there for x-mas! very fresh. My wifes client is the seafood supplier. NO farm raised fish is ever used.
      Pizza: Cogans and they have an excellent selection of beers on tap WARNING:
      they get very crowded at nights and service can be very poor due to overcrowding. I recommend going for lunch or early evening unless you're drinking and hanging out and not worried about quick service.
      Oysters: A.W. Shucks. good beer, great seafood, great burgers, nice atmosphere, all around great place.