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Jul 26, 2009 02:18 PM

Question about Chez L'Ami Jean


If Chez L'Ami Jean is closed from Aug 1 to Aug 26, is there a problem going there the first night it re-opens on Aug 27? I know this might sound crazy and I apologize if it sounds ignorant, but I am just worried if the food is going to be fine since a restaurant might need some time to re-stock their inventory and get back into the rhythm of business.

What about for other restaurants like L'Epigramme or Chez Michel?

Thanks in advance as always.

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  1. It's always risky to go to a restaurant the first or last day or business. Things are usually not well in place, many ingredients are missing, staff has their mind somewhere else. CAJ is no exception.

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    1. re: souphie

      Thanks for the quick reply - that was exactly my concern about going to a restaurant the day it re-opens. Is it safe to go the 2nd day it re-opens?

      1. re: hong_kong_foodie

        A bit more. The first week is often a re-adaptation time.

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          I think this question is impossible to answer without inside knowledge of the restaurant.

          In a shabby or sloppy or lazy restaurant, sure, the first night would probably be dicey.

          If CAJ has a great and very fussy chef or just a general culture of outstanding service that would not allow them to slacken their standards in any way, then they might be perfectly prepared for the very first customer.

    2. On the negative side the crew will be a little rusty and maybe not up to full speed. But on the positive side people come back from vacation refreshed and full of energy. IMO I would expect the renewed vigor will counterbalance any downsides and make it a good experience. I love Paris after the summer vacation, the city has a great feel to it and everyone is happy and less grouchy, that alone makes it worth taking the risk.

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        In addition to the always-pertinent-and-qualified comment from PhilD, I should add that the whole crew is scheduled to come back one day before the re-opening as I was explained last week on their last business day. Stephane's food was great as usual.
        I would definitely recommend this place whenever it is open.

        1. re: Theobroma

          Unfortunately, it looks like Chez L'Ami Jean is on vacation already and won't be back until the end of August. I emailed them a couple of days ago for reservations but haven't heard back. Is it still possible to get a table on the first couple of nights they re-open? Should I just call really early that day?

      2. I can confirm that L'Ami Jean is closed-I tried to make a reservation yesterday for September, but the answering machine indicated they were closed until August 25/09. I also e-mailed several weeks ago, and did not get a response, so it seems that calling is best.

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          Yea, I guess our best guess is to call them the day they re-open. Any idea if they re-open on Aug 25 or Aug 26? Thanks.