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Jul 26, 2009 01:18 PM

cheap bar

Anyone know where I can go for some cheap drinks? So sick of expensive bars! Thanks guys!

And I dont care how gross they are!!!!!

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  1. Were along these lines awhile ago here,

    I must have read that blue MIAMI sign on the Main a thousand times, but never checked it out, until visiting the St. Laurent street festival. Its a great dive...thanks SnackHappy.

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    1. re: porker

      Actually, Shattered had mentioned it before me. I just looked at the thread and realised no one mentioned Copacabana. Their beer often tastes off and I suspect it's because they don't clean their taps often enough, but it's cheap and they have some really decent food when Scratch kitchen is open.

      Here's an old review:

    2. I sometimes go to Bifteck (the biffer, on the Main) and the Madhatter on Crescent. Both are cheap with questionable drink quality and clientele to match. You can add Bar Des Pins (BDP) to that list but beware hipster McGill kids and thier Beer-Pong disrupting the ussual equalibrium of seedyness. Vol de Nuit can be cheap if you take advantage of the two for one thing (which sometimes you have to fight for) and you get to people-watch at the same time - Tourists in the day time, the parade of shame going towards and home from Cafe Campus at night. Also, Benelux on Wed is two for one night (if they still do that). Although, I don't much care for most of the beer at Benelux as I find almost all their beers harsh with hops, sweet, and not carbed enough for my tastes.

      It might be fun to go out to the East Island and find some dives where they serve a Caribou and Ex cocktail or something ridiculous like that. I need to work up the guts first.

      Have fun!

      1. peel pub is very cheap.. that is if you can handle the urban legend (is it? or it's really true?) of the recycled beer. once upon a time i went there and they had 1 dollar shots on thursdays, i don't know if it still holds

        Reggies and Mad Hatters are two very popular destionations for cheap beer. Cabaret a Mado (it's an experience.. not for the unintiated :P) has really cheap booze in terms of strong alcohol. If i were you, i would google that if you don't know what Cabaret a Mado is ;)

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        1. re: mak2k

          I went a few times.....WOW! Thanks!

        2. It would be fun to find the seediest bar in Montreal... Anything seedier than Miami?

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          1. re: The Chemist

            Have not been to Miami but Bar Diana on St. Catherine is pretty seedy.

            1. re: The Chemist

              Miami is practically a tourist trap compared to some places...

              - Montreal Jazz & Blues (on Cavendish, just below Sherbrooke -- NOT to be confused with the Wheel Club, which is farther south).

              - Bar St-Laurent 2, corner of St-Laurent and St-Viateur (if still there)

              There are also one or two dives on Parc near Mont-Royal (I'm thinking especially of a nameless one on the east side of the street) that seem pretty forbidding from the outside.

              And there must be many more. I haven't been to Miami lately, but it's what I'd call a friendly dive, like Biftek or Barfly.

              1. re: Mr F

                Agreed, Miami is pretty friendly. Bar st-Laurent 2 is still there, but it feels like an oven.

                Bar Diana is the real deal, if you want that "a fight could break out among these shifty characters any second" vibe.

                For cheap bars generally, you can't go wrong with Biftek. $3.75 pints before 8:30, $5 after, $8.50/10.50 pitchers, and cheap shooters and basic mixed drinks when bought in rounds.

                1. re: Mr F

                  I agree with that Jazz and Blues (what a catchy name, though, huh?).

                2. re: The Chemist

                  One of the contenders for that prize would certainly have to be Chez Pepe on Ste-Catherine and Préfontaine. It's around the corner from my place, but i've never been. They'll be moving soon to a nicer location down the street so you'll have to hurry. Otherwise Hochelaga has a few places that could interest you. Especially the ones on Ste-Catherine.

                  1. re: SnackHappy

                    There's one called Chez Francoise on Ste. Catherine.

                    Also Bar Davidson on Ontario and Davidson.

                    1. re: mainsqueeze

                      But bar Davidson doesn't show pornos anymore so they loose some seedy points.

                      1. re: SnackHappy

                        Oh man... That would certainly score it some seedy points. I will have to try some of these.

                3. Has anyone ever tried Spurs near St Jacques in NDG? We've been intrigued by it's dive-y look but have never mustered the courage to try it.

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                  1. re: megmtl

                    Googled the place out of curiosity, and it turns out it has a website. It's about as minimal as can be... but it does exist:

                    Disqualified from divedom?