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Jul 26, 2009 12:42 PM

Lunch between Portsmouth, NH and North Conway near Rt. 16?

We are driving from Providence, RI to Lake Kezar in Maine. Any suggestions for lunch (a little over halfway between the two) along Rt 16? We will have our six year old with us, but he doesn't need a kid's menu, and hates pizza!

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  1. There is a little place in Wakefield, Rt 16 & 109 that isn't bad - Poor People's Pub! Or the Yankee Smokehouse at Rt. 16/Rt 25 intersection in Ossipee (I love their chili):

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    1. re: lexpatti

      Thanks Lexpatti! I couldn't remember the name, but Poor People's Pub is where we stopped last year. How much further is it from there to Yankee smokehouse ( which I think is closer to N. Conway)?

      1. re: bawc

        I would say maybe 15 - 20 min. further north but if you are going to Kezar Falls, wouldn't you be taking Rt. 25 East (which is several miles before Rt. 25 west (which is where the Yankee Smokehouse is) But if you are going to Kezar Pond, you will go right by Yankee, becaause you'll be staying on Rt. 16 into Center Conway and on through Rt. 302.

        Whittier House might be open for lunch too. Almost across the street from Yankee Smoke house (on Rt. 16).

        Have fun, great area. I'm usually coming up Rt. 25 from Rt.93

    2. 7 lakes roadhouse
      Just 1 mile from Route 16 on Pine River Pond Road

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        This looks great, have to ask my sister if she's been. Although not open for lunch.

        1. re: lexpatti

          We are going to Center Lovell, so we can stay on Rt. 16, but last year we took the detour onto 25 East to avoid the Saturday North Conway traffic. Coming back, we went straight on Rt 16, and it took forever to get through North Conway, again on a Saturday. However, if my husband wants to try someplace new, and my son can hang on, we might try the Whittier House or Yankee Smokehouse. On the return we may be heading toward Jackson or Jefferson, but that is in a different direction.

        2. re: wudz

          Did "7 Lakes Roadhouse" used to be the Pine River Steakhouse?

          1. re: harry_sparrow

            Yup. And they ARE open for lunch Fri Sat & Sun.

            1. re: wudz

              Ok, you lost me, where is it on RT. 16, before or after the junction with Rt. 25 east, going towards N. Conway? And given that they are so close to one another, which has the best food?

              1. re: bawc

                "7 Lakes Roadhouse" used to be the Pine River Steakhouse. It is about 10 Miles before (South of) the Center Ossipee Junction with Rt 25. Just hang a right in North Wakefield and go about a mile and 1/4 on Pine River Pond Rd.

                  1. re: bawc

                    If you go to "7 lakes Roadhouse", please report back.