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Jul 26, 2009 12:07 PM

Front Royal - Wynn's or Apple House?

Time for another Virginia road trip!

I've stayed in FR twice now en route to SNP, and both times I've had breakfast at Apple House, which was fine, not anything special, but decent eggs/potatoes/toast action. I'm wondering if this time I should try Wynn's, which I've heard good things about. I would sell my soul for good biscuits and gravy, and I believe Wynn's does this well, yes? I'll still stop off at AH for road doughnuts, of course. :)

(Also any views on whether US11 or US340 is more scenic and relaxing are welcome)

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  1. Is SNP the Shenendoah?

    I don't know either of the places you list, but I'd recommend Hi Neighbor in Strasburg in a heartbeat.

    1. Last time I went to Apple House, it wasn't great. IIRC, I was told they'd changed ownership. I don't think you'd be missing out on anything to try Winn's. Rt 11 goes through more little towns than 340, since it used to be the main N-S highway before 81, but it depends on where you want to end up as to which is better; they're both nice drives.

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        Thanks! Think I will try Wynn's and then swing by AH for snacks.

        Either one is equal in terms of destination, as I'm heading for I64 on the way to Chincoteague. I've driven 11 from FR to Lexington twice now, and I do love the little towns, but more that it's... country? I guess? I live in NYC. So big freeways don't appeal to me at all - I'm more going for leisurely. As long as there's a single gas station somewhere along 340, I don't need much beyond pretty hills, etc. Oh, but Civil War stuff is always a plus.

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          I would encourage at the very least a drive by Hi-Neighbor. It's one of those spots - you know it's gonna be good from the first view.

          1. re: elizabells

            Wow, that's really leisurely if you're driving to Chincoteague via Front Royal.

        2. @ Dennis: Will definitely take a look, as I seem incapable of taking a road trip without passing through the valley, so I'm sure it'll come up again!

          @ Henry: 4 day vacations require packing leisure into the travel time!

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            If you're thinking leisurely from NYC to Chincoteague, on one way try stopping in New Castle, DE -- great little historic downtown with old 1700's pubs and restaurants and nice shops and history. Chestertown on the Chesapeake is a great little town -- then come on down via some of the ferries across the Wicomico River. Check out the Ward Museum in Salisbury -- often overlooked but great.

            Lots of day trips from Chincoteague that lots of people never do -- Crisfield, Onancock, Wachapreaque, Smith or Tangier Island are worth a stop