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Jul 26, 2009 12:00 PM

Dining-in in Wrightsville Beach

We'll be spending a long weekend in Wrightsville Beach next week. We'll probably dine-in most nights. Can anyone tell me about the best markets or delis -- somewhere that I might be able to pick up some great salads or other side dishes to cut down on the time I spend in the kitchen? Searching Chowhound, I found references to Marc's on Market and Portofino Italian Gourmet Market, but I can't tell what kind of stuff they carry or whether they are still open.

One of my sons would love some steamed crabs. This is a meal for which I'd be willing to dine out! From my search of Chowhound, it looks like there are not any restaurants in WB or Wilmington that serve steamed crabs (only king crab legs). Has that by chance changed? If I have to cook crabs myself, does anyone have a recommendation where I should buy them


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  1. Try this thread:

    Also, I doubt you'll find anywhere selling live blue crabs, although you might. Motts Channel seafood is an excellent market, they may be able to put you on to some crabs. You might have to catch them yourself.

    1. Robert's Market has delicious chicken salad. It is now also available at all local Harris-Teeters.

      1. BTW, besides excellent seafood, Mott's has a nice supply of local vegetables--but no blue crabs.