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Jul 26, 2009 11:01 AM

Le Troquet

We will be visiting Paris in September and this restaurant on Francois-Bonvin has been recommended by a friend but I have been unable to find out much about it. Does anyone have any comments good or bad?

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  1. It's good. You can trust your friend's taste.

    1. It's not bad indeed. It was never great though, it tends to be a bit too rich, and it has not been getting better since the chef has a weekly TV show. Actually, the same chef owns Le Grand Pan, which I like better (specialty of "cotes" (chops/ribs): veau, porc, boeuf). It's also crowded and not very comfortable. In the "bistronomique" category, it's the second class (the first being Chez l'Ami Jean, La Régalade, Christophe...).

      See pics here:

      1. At first glance, I thought you were mentioning L'Ptit Troquet 28, rue de l'Exposition, in the 7th. While this is certainly not a Michelin ranked place, the teeny-tiny room is lovely, the husband/chef and wife/server are very charming and they serve the equivalent of French comfort food in 3 course for 30E, a big bargain. If you go, be sure to make reservations as there are 8 tables.

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          Sorry, but is the teeny-tiny restauant you are describing L'Ptit Troquet or the Le Troquet I am inquiring about?

          1. re: bobpantzer

            Le Troquet has about 35 seats, as a guess

        2. Another interesting thing about Le Troquet, if you get a seat on the long wall extending forward from the front door, it is excruciatingly hot, whether from kitchen or what, way too hot. Meal OK, but his Grand Pan, as 'S' says is one of my favorites in town. Near Porte de Vanves metro. not only cotes du whatever, but 15 or so wines from the barrel.

          1. This was a relatively local restaurant for me (15eme), and we enjoyed eating there a few times. It specialises in (French) Basque food, and their daily set menu is good. This one isn't tiny, at least for me it is a reasonably sized room, but it is popular and does need a booking especially at weekends. It's popularity makes it lively, I wouldn't cross town to eat here, but would happily visit if I was in the South West of Paris.