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Jul 26, 2009 09:52 AM

Pasadena on sunday afternoon

Any hounds have a favorite restaurant in Pasadena or South Pas for an early dinner--I will find myself there today. Not pricey--so around $25 a person not counting alcohol.

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  1. Exilekiss recently did a great review for an Argentinian place called Malbec. I think you could get away with an approximately $25 dollar tab not including drinks there. Search the board and check it out.

    1. This recent thread mentions a number of good places:

      It doesn't narrow down to those that are open for Sunday dinner, but you may not get many answers on a summer weekend, so hopefully it's better than nothing.

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      1. re: Peripatetic

        leading the list are Malbec and Daisy Mint.

      2. On a nice Sunday afternoon, or early evening, like today I would recommend the patio at Mike and Anne's.

        1. Malbec is pretty lousy. Gale's on Fair Oaks for Italian is good for Italian. Vertical Wine Bar on Raymond has killer small plates.

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            Okay, everyone else says Malbec is wonderful. Not arguing, since we haven't been yet, but what did you find lousy about it?

            Madeleine's, just down Green Street a bit farther and on the south side, is a quiet charmer in that price range.