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Jul 26, 2009 08:57 AM

Paula Deen's Fried Chicken

My kids have requested fried chicken for tonight's dinner. According to Paula Deen's recipe, I need a bottle of hot red pepper sauce. I'm thinking any type of hot sauce, including Tabasco. Does that sound right??? Does her chicken require that much heat??

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  1. Surprisingly, tt is actually not hot, even with 1 cup of hot sauce since it is blended with the egg and then coated. Tobasco should be fine, but I used Siracha or Cholula as those are the two hot sauces I prefer.

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      The only hot sauce I've ever purchased is Sriracha, but I'll give Texas Pete a try. Thanks!

    2. She recommends Texas Pete, which is about as hot as Frank's or Crystal, and quite a bit milder than Tabasco, Sriracha, and Cholula. Depending on your kids' tolerance for spicy food, you may want to use a milder sauce or less of it.

      1. The question is not whether HER fried chicken requires that much heat, the question is whether YOUR fried chicken requires that much heat.

        If you've used Tabasco before with good results then use it in this recipe.

        I'm sure the Paula Deen Fried Chicken police will give you a pass on this one.

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          I didn't know the PDFD police were on my case. But just to let you know, I used a cup of Crystal's and there enough bite in it for me.

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            So are there PDFC police? On another thread, I sensed almost rage when I suggested that she isn't necessarily the final authority on what's Southern cooking. Maybe that's why.