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Jul 26, 2009 08:19 AM

Dressy place for birthday

I'm looking for a place to take my girlfriend for her birthday, but I don't know the restaurants in Boston that well, other than from online reviews, which can only tell you so much.

Things I do know:
- She wants to go to a place where she wouldn't look out of place in a nice dress
- She prefers French food
- We are not starting near a T station, so, parking is preferable, but I know that's impossible
- I'm planning to spend a few hundred
- Having oysters would be ideal, but not necessary

So far I'm leaning towards No. 9 Park or Locke-Ober, but I wanted to know what Chowhound thought.

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  1. I would think that the place that fits your bill, particularly in the price range ($$$$), I'd have to say O Ya. It's French-Japanese fusion in a more than elegant setting. It's in the Financial District, near South Station where parking will likely be easier after 7pm. There's lots to say about O Ya on this board, and almost all of it is great. Enjoy!

    1. Additional Requirement:

      Needs to be open on Sunday (this is a harder than I had originally expected)

      1. What about the Oak Room in the Coply Plaza Hotel?? I like it for celebratory dinners.
        Fourth paragraph describes the dinner menu. There's a raw bar.....

        1. I would HIGHLY recommend L'Espalier. It is definitely someplace that hits all of your requirements. My boyfriend took me there for an anniversary and it was an incredibly romantic and decadent experience. Also, if you let htem know it is her birthday ahead of time, they will definitely do something (like complimentary champagne or dessert) for her. My favorites include their veal sweetbread and waffles and their foie gras. It will definitely be worth every penny!

          1. I think L'espalier or No 9 Park would both be excellent choices. Although O Ya is probably the best food in the city, you would not be out of place in jeans there so if dressy is a requirement I would rank it lower. Of course, with all the press and celebrities it's been getting, you also would not look of place in a dress there...