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Jul 26, 2009 08:15 AM

In Philly for one day; what should I eat?

We are looking for that one fantastic meal. Any cuisine will do.


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  1. Lots of choices. One sure fire bet is to go to Amada and get one of the chef's tastings. Always great.

    1. I would vote for Le Bec Fin. Still turning out great food in a beautiful restaurant. Furthermore, these days you can order individual courses of your choice as well as the tasting menu. It's your choice.

      1. go to a simple little neighborhood BYOB. Little Fish, Audrey Claire, Matyson.
        We went to Audrey Claire the very first time we came here, and now that we live here it's still a favorite. In the summer they open the huge windows onto the street and it's a very Philadelphia experience.

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        1. re: hollyd

          Audrey Claire was a huge disappointment for me. Lots and lots of service glitches including my rare salmon coming out well-done even after our server reassured me she understood the request and a dessert being offered to us which was no longer available.

          I have a similar take on Modo Mio for a different reason. Their food is sublime, but the sound level gets obnoxious to the point I feel sick to my stomach. Not a great dining experience IMHO.

          1. re: Seeker19104

            oooh. That's terrible! Hopefully this was a one time thing and not just how things are now.
            Well I still stick by my comment though. You can go to a fancy fine dining place in any city. Our neighborhood BYOB's are a unique experience, in my opinion.

        2. At the low end, Tacconelli's (Fish Town) is killer. Very unique and made in a way you cannot get anywhere. I'd have to agree with Le Bec at the high end. Cuba Libre is certainly great and so is Buddakan.

          1. I moved from downtown to Mt Airy so regrettably I don't get down there as much. But I recall very memorable meals at Osteria and Ansill. And I could personally eat a thousand servings of the Berkshire pork belly with honey lacquer and shaved apples at Tinto. A thousand.

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