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Jul 26, 2009 07:18 AM

Spice Markets in Westchester/Tri State Area

I am looking for a market that sells very FRESH spices, specifically Herbes de Provence. Does anyone have any recommendations? The spices from Balducci's and Whole Foods are not really that fresh. Perhaps some ethnic gourmet markets? I have already tried Apple Farm as well and they do not have Herbes de Provence. Also, does anyone have experience with a good website to buy spices from?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Yarnoush, on Central Avenue in White Plains sells some interesting spices, though I am not sure about Herbs de Provence...

    1. Penzey's--they have a retail location at the markets at Grand Central.

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        And also in Norwalk CT, which, depending on where you are in Westchester and your commuting distance may or may not be closer than GCT.

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          Now that Penzey's in GC has closed, suggestions on where to go? I could order from them online, but I hate to spend the money on shipping and truth be told, what do I do if I need something ASAP?

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            Fairway has a pretty large selection of herbs and spices. The stuff they have isn't quite as impressive as Penzeys (so sad to hear that they're gone from GCT!) but chances are Fairway will have something close to what you nee.d

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              I believe there is a Penzey's in the Palisades Mall now. I also saw a selection of Penzey's spices at the new Whole Foods in Ridge Hill.

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                Penzey's also has a location in Norwalk, CT and an online presence.

                Yaranoush is a great resource for bulk spices, good prices.

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                  Thanks, but Norwalk and Nyack are just too far for me to travel (from lower Westchester) for a $3 jar of spices. I was hoping for a spice house in the New Rochelle/Scarsdale/White Plains area, but I guess I'll just have to do bulk shopping online at Penzey's. The problem with ordering Penzey's online is that it takes too long - 7-10 business days - and I sometimes realize too late that I'm nearly out of something and need it quick. The Grand Central location was ideal, since my husband commutes into the city and I could tell him to pick up something on his way home.

                  And to "i eat a lot of ice cream": while Fairway has many other wonderful goodies, I find their spices (especially their vanilla) lacking - the cinnamon just doesn't have the oompf I want in my baked goods, so I guess I'll have to be more diligent and order in advance.

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                    If you are in Grand Central a new spice and tea place opened where Penzeys was. They seem to be fresh and in fact looks like they are selling in bulk.

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                      YAY!! I was just in GC yesterday and didn't bother with the market because I knew penzey was gone. Next time!!

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              Love the big ol' bottle of vanilla from Costco. Lasts forever and if I recall, cost less than $5. I like the flavor, too.

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                Also, the bourbon vanilla from Trader Joe's is great -- at around $5 for not such a big bottle. But, alas, I find TJ cinnamon lacking.

            2. For what it's worth, Cooks Illustrated/America's Test Kitchen recently compared cinnamons and felt that Durkee's was the best brand. I think that some supermarkets carry that brand.

              1. yaranush central ave close to besr buy

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                  Intrepid - is Yaranush on the same side as best buy? Thanks!

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                    Yaranush is on the Best Buy side of Central Avenue. It is located nextdoor to what used to be Gregory's and just after a a small car dealer (honda I think) It is set back a bit from the road and there is a small parking lot in front of the store. I think there is a minimum for credit card use or maybe they don't accept Amex. I remember paying by check several times.

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                        Yaranush is north of Best Buy, closer to City Limits Diner (FYI).

                        They have really great feta cheese, several varieties. Also a great source of dried beans and grains.

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                          I agree, their " french feta" is just incredible. In addition to what you already mentioned they have wonderful olives and olive oils and the imported pitas are excellent too.