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What qualifies as Brunch?

Today, at 11:30, I'm serving a meal of Chicken Vegatable soup with orzo, Watermelon Feta Salad, fresh , freindship bread, coffee & mimosas.

I'm saying it's brunch, my fiance' says it's just an early lunch with cocktails.

What do y'all think?

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  1. I would say early lunch as there is no egg dish.

    1. Your fiance has the better of the argument.

      If you were serving this at 9AM I might be tempted to call it brunch because at least the hour was breakfast-y, as it were, but this is lunch in my book. Brunch needs to be a combination of breakfast and lunch in terms of food or perhaps time. Your time is clearly a luncheon time in US culture, your food is not identifiably breakfast food (eggs, griddlecakes of some sort, pastries, cooked sausages or ham, et cet.).

      1. Maybe it's a regional thing? I'd call it brunch. Most restaurants in my area (NYC) don't even open on Sundays until 10:30 or (more frequently) 11, and any time I've made plans to go out for a meal with friends or cook a meal for friends at home on a Saturday or Sunday before, say, 2:30 p.m., we call it "brunch". I like the idea of the presence of an egg dish as a determining factor, but ultimately would find that to be counterbalanced by the fact that I have never once imbibed a mimosa at lunch...

        1. I think it depends on what you serve. If there a variety of lunch and breakfast dishes, it's more like brunch. Since you're serving a lunchtime meal, I'd say it's early lunch.

          1. I agree with your fiance' and Karl S (up thread) This is an early lunch. A mimosa does not a Brunch make. ---- However, you call it as you may, and.......


            1. Chicken Vegatable soup with orzo, Watermelon Feta Salad? Early lunch.

              1. IMHO a not so early lunch. LOTS of people eat lunch from 11-12, regardless of menu. Brunch is in the 9-11 time frame. Breakfast before 9AM.

                1. I would say that what time you are serving has little to do with it. Where I live, brunch is often served until 4 p.m. and some places don't even open for brunch until 12 noon (the person who said brunch is 9-11 a.m. made me laugh).

                  I agree with the posters who said it's about what is served. Your menu sounds like exclusively lunch to me. I say "exclusively" because some places serving brunch have both breakfast-y items as well as more lunch-y items on the menu.

                  1. No eggs - strike one.
                    No bacon or sausage - strike two.
                    No coffee - you're out.

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                      the op has coffee, but it's a lunch menu to me.

                    2. I like the "3 strike" rating. I'm calling the OP's meal a brunch.

                      1. Team "early lunch" !!

                        soup, in no way, says brunch to me.

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                        1. re: im_nomad

                          unless the soup has a fried or poached egg over noodles/starch in it, & then it's a very good brunch main.

                        2. Well, its not really breakfast and not really lunch, but it has to have a slice of cantaloupe on the side.

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                          1. re: steakman55

                            Is that a Simpsons reference?

                            Also, the OP is serving lunch. Brunch is the love child of breakfast & lunch, and there's nothing at all breakfast-y on that menu.

                            @Kilted Cook: In Manhattan, it is illegal to serve alcohol before noon on Sunday. If brunch ended at 11am, I would not be able to enjoy a bloody mary with my eggs florentine. And that would be a terrible thing.

                          2. mimosa=orange juice=breakfast=brunch

                            1. I would say it is brunch, or even breakfast if it is your first meal of the day. If not then I would call it lunch. Here is a definition of brunch, it is very interesting. Hope it helps. =)


                              1. Without the soup, I could have been convinced of either label. But soup is not a brunch thing.

                                  1. I agree with your fiance but it doesn't matter what you call it really - you've given people the time to arrive and they will plan their mornings accordingly. Have a great time!

                                    1. I never realised brunch had rules. To me brunch is just a bunch of white people eating together at or around noon on the weekend. Usually coffee is involved.