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Jul 26, 2009 05:00 AM

Oak Brook Area...Mexican?

So, yesterday, had some outta town guests, wouund up at the Oak Brook Mall. Lunch time rolled around, and there was a vote for Mexican food. I was totally stumped. So, we drove and found Uncle Julio's Hacienda, and then a Taco Fresco. We settled on Buca Di Beppo, and, I gotta say, the meal was not horrid. But, this got me wondering. Is there any decent Mexican food in/around/near Oak Brook?

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  1. Well, I woouldn't call it close, but drive just a couple of miles east on 22/Cermak, and you'll be pretty close to one of the better regional Mexican restaurants in area, Xni-pec:

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      Lol - I live pretty close to xni-pec - one of my stand by joints. I would assume that maybe someplace like Lombard would have a decent sit down Mexican joint somewhere. There probably is one, but just never heard of one.

    2. I like the Adobo Grill in Lombard for Mexican food. There is a nice guacamole station on a cart where someone will make it for you and it has some good options. I am a vegetarian so just have eaten the vegetarian food but enjoyed it.