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Jul 26, 2009 03:56 AM

Are all microplanes the same?

I’ve read on here that some people think that their microplane is one of the best gadgets they have in the kitchen and that some people own several. I’ve only ever used a box grater mostly just for cheese and carrots but grating ginger on it is driving me wild. I find that the grater clogs up and as a result after I’ve finished grating I have to use a knife to scrape away everything between the holes and use that in my cooking. So I end up with all the woody fibres in my food. Is there a microplane that is ideal for doing this job? Other items I find hard to zest/grate are lemon and limes, and nutmeg. Is there a one size fits all microplane or do they all have a different pourpose?

Some insight into shapes, sizes, materials, brands etc would be very helpful.

Cheers :-)

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  1. You need a Japanese ginger grater (couple of bucks). There are no holes and all the grated ginger and the juice collect in a litttle collector at the bottom of the grater.

      1. I have two microplanes which fit all of my needs. The Microplane classic series spice grater ( nutmeg) and the classic series zester grater ( parmigiano, lemon zest, etc).

          1. I have a Cuisipro dual grater/microplane. I like because the grating surface is only on the top side, not on the folded edges, like the Microplane ones. For small things, like nutmeg & ginger, I find my fingers do hit the folded edges...not something I'd want to do if the grating surface extended to them.

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              I think I have the same one:


              I love it, and in a kitchen with very little storage space it is nice having a 2 in 1 item.