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Jul 26, 2009 02:59 AM

PV Palace Dim Sum - Anyone Tried it?

Has anyone tried the dim sum at PV Palace on PCH in Torrance? Is it any good?

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  1. It's been mentioned a few times. Here's one post.

    1. Went there on Mother's day. Luckily we had reservations otherwise the wait was really long. People were lined outside who didn't have reservations and were still waiting by the time we were finishing up. The food was probably the best the south bay had to offer for dim sum. Not as good as SGV but better than Szchewan across the street. Tried Szchewan a few weeks prior and it was no contest. The only drawback to PV Palace was the lack of attentiveness due to a packed house that day. Selections were limited and the carts were slow. I would rate the taste quality as good as Sea Empress in Gardena but less expensive. But that is my opinion. Another person might differ.

      1. It was better than average at lunch today. The place was 2/3 full by noon and selections were better this time around. Service was prompt and courteous. We probably had less than a dozen different dishes to sample, Tried several things we never had before which were different but tasty. Was a little disappointed with the miniature soup dumplings in a small aluminum cup. Was expecting some liquid in it but some were bone dry. Other than that, the food quality was raved by one visitor originally from Taiwan. I still rate this place as one of the best in the south bay.