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Jul 26, 2009 02:13 AM

lunch with my 10 year old nephew on monday

im hanging out with my nephew on monday and hes a big red meat junkie

thats obviously not an option this week bc its the nine-days

anyway have any idea what 9 days lunch options there are in queens or great neck, or the uws near the planetarium?

any suggestions would be great

off topic, im also trying to come up with something i can do with him thats nine days allowed, normally wed do a movie or something like that and thats not an option this week either, i was thinking maybe the planetarium but im only a few weeks post surgery and im scared its gonna be impossible for me to find parking

thanks in advance for any and all suggestions

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  1. ok, now im thinking maybe atlantis out in riverhead, so im extending my food question to include places out on the island

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      You're making this a little complicated. I'm assuming that the closest thing to Riverhead is the Hamptons, but who would want to bother taking a kid out there. I'd grab something in Queens or Great Neck (see Shamash) and head out. I have recommended on here (if you are up for a long ride) the Battleship NJ in Camden with Kosher Pizza just 15 minutes away in Cherry Hill. You could do Philly which is across the river. May be a bit much for you, though.

      1. re: shoelace

        If you do the planetarium I'd suggest Mike's Pizza or NoiDue. Depends on if you're heading north or south.

        1. re: avitrek

          The Atlantis Aquarium in Riverhead is an excellent choice. While you are out there, you can also check out the Tangers Factory Outlet.

          If you are going to Riverhead, the closest non bagel shop food establishment is Hunki's Pizza of Plainview. There are also a number of Bagel Boss locations on Long Island.

          1. re: havdalahclub

            thanks all

            for all who arent aware of it and are looking for one day summ er stuff

            the best mini golf is sprink rock in new hyde park on denton and its not far from benjys two

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