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Jul 26, 2009 01:26 AM

restaurants in Bandol area

I will be on a road trip in eastern France in September going from Srasbourg to Nice via Alsace, Beaune and Avignon. Will spend several days in the Bandol area of Provence. Lots of recs out there for restaurants in Alsace, Burgundy, etc., but can't find much for the Bandol area. Anyone with recommendations for restaurants in or near Bandol?


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  1. Jacques GantiƩ is a wonderful source for restaurants on the Riviera from Marseille to Menton. Here's the Bandol page:

    Of course, there's the wonderful local famous wine to enjoy with your meals!

    1. The restaurant of the "Hotel de la Tour", on the port of Sanary, has very good food and a lovely terrace on the harbour...