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Jul 25, 2009 10:29 PM

Sushi on Bloor: Am I missing something?

I have reviewed Chowhound's board prior going here and many people seems to recommend this restaurant as their 'go-to' cheap Sushi spot (not Kaji / Hiro / etc). Based on many positives from this board I decided to give this place a visit today.

We ordered their lunch specials (Unagi-Don, Dynamite, Salmon Roll, Avocado and California roll) as well as their Spider Maki. First of all, it's cheap. All those mentioned only cost us $33 after tips and taxes.

However, food quality seems to be in the bottom. I can recall that their sushi quality is probably on par with Wasabi or other random Japanesse AYCE buffet. The food quality is downright appalling and abysmal.

Price is cheap as mentioned, but highly not recommended!!!

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  1. Well, like any cheap sushi place, the quality of the food is garbage. The people suggesting Sushi on Bloor know nothing about sushi, other than that it consists of rice and possibly fish and is Japanese (or at the very least, "Asian").

    The places recommended on this board (perhaps not Kaji), like Zen, are the "go-to" sushi spots for people who care about sushi. They realize that "cheap" and "sushi" are mutually exclusive terms, unless, for instance, you happen to live in Japan.

    I'd rather spend 3x as much and eat at Zen than have a few rolls at Sushi on Bloor.

    1. It's supply vs demand, Torontonianas prefer their sushi to be cheap, plentive and roll intensive. They want to eat sushi often, and it's the be all and end all of Japanese food.. Other parts of Japanese cuisine are ignored for the most part, just count how many sushi restaurants there are vs ramen/izakaya/nabe etc. Although the tide is changing in Japan (more kaiten zushi), sushi is still for the most part considered to be a special occasion meal.

      Good quality fish will not be cheap, there's just no way around it. Properly trained itamaes aren't exactly a plentiful commodity here. You truly get what you pay for.

      1. just had SOB for the first and last time. Many people swear by this place. Wow, the food was terrible. The sushi was clumsy to say the least. It's like they pulled a 9 year old off the street to make the stuff. I could not even fit the Nigiri in my mouth in one plop. I know it's old news that sushi on bloor is not good - but i just felt i needed to say it too. there. I feel better.

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        1. re: WeebeyBrice

          Who swears by it? Most people here hate it, man.

        2. Cheap food is always a win, especially for hungry students! (it is the Annex, after all :P)

          I haven't been there yet, so I can't really give my opinion on the place. I have heard mixed reviews though...and price always seems to be a major selling point for the fans.

          Personally, when it comes to sushi, I've become a fan of Sushi Shop, on Yonge and Carlton! :)

          1. My wife and I LOVE sushi, but we decided years ago that we would rather go for the good stuff (Japango, Mikado, Omi, etc.) occasionally rather than have the crappy stuff more often. Sushi on Bloor quality sushi just isn't worth it. By the way, we also have come to like Rikishi on Bloor. It's in our neighbourhood and the quality is very good.

            243 Carlton St, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

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            1. re: acd123

              In all fairness, it is not fair to compare SOB to the other places mentioned above. For the price of a full meal at SOB, you could not buy a entree at the places mentioned above.

              It is in the Annex and frequented by poor UofT students and it serves them well.

              Its like comparing McDonald's BicMac to Nota Bene;s Kobe burger. Not fair and there is room [and demand] enough in Toronto for them all.

              Just my $0.02

              1. re: dmartins123

                It appears that you didn't read my post. I wasn't comparing them because, obviously, they aren't comparable. I wrote that we would rather eat good sushi occassionally than eat crappy sushi more frequently.

                1. re: acd123

                  I guess my comment was not directed to you....just a general observation on SOB.


                  1. re: dmartins123

                    Sushi on Bloor is fun for people that want to try sushi but are tight on funds or unwilling to blow $$$ on a meal that they might not love. I had a couple of decent meals there more than 10 years ago, when I was just branching out into the world of raw fish. I knew the quality was on par with the prices, which were bargain basement. Once my SO and I felt that we could appreciate the fine flavours of raw fish, we moved up a notch, then another ... and so on. It served a purpose, but I'd never go so far as to call it great sushi. I found the sushi and maki very large and full of bland rice and average quality fish. I'd call them 2-biters, which are a disaster to eat. Having now eaten one meal at each of Zen, Hashimoto and Kaji, I'd never return to Sushi on Bloor, but I would return to Sushi Garden, which is another cheap sushi option that does a much better job, in my opinion.

                    Sushi Garden
                    1560 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4T2S9, CA