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Jul 25, 2009 09:36 PM

SF foodies need your help

Hello NYC Chowhounds.
I need your advice since no one knows the city like the locals.
We are a couple form SF planning to visit NYC in early September.
We are both in the restaurant business so we are definitley covered on the restaurants but we want to know what is the safest and most lively area to stay in?
The BF is a bartender and we are planning on doing a cocktail crawl to enjoy what NY bartenders have to offer. Looking for places that offer seasonal and creative cocktails
Any help is appreciated. We are looking forward to enjoying your beautiful city!
Thanks in advance

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  1. Most of Manhattan is safe nowadays. For "lively," I assume you mean where it's less touristy and there are good cocktail bars to go to? You probably want to be south of, say, 23rd Street, where it is less touristy than Midtown.

    If you are into creative and seasonal cocktails, I would try to stay near the West Village/Soho or East Village/Lower East Side (I think EV and LES area is better but that might be because I live here).

    For the West Village/Soho area, you can go to Tailor, Pegu Club, Employees Only, and Little Branch.

    For the East Village/Lower East Side, you can hit up PDT, Death & Co, Mayahuel (tequila and mezcal cocktails only), White Star, Milk and Honey (reservations required), The Angel's Share (located on the 2nd floor of a building, inside the restaurant Village Yokocho), Freemans, Allen & Delancey (list was designed by someone who works at Death & Co), and Yerba Buena. The latter three are restaurants that also happen to have good cocktails. Also, the new cocktail program at Momofuku Ssam Bar is being run by someone who is ex-PDT (very few gin and rum drinks, mostly brown spirits at the moment). Some friends of mine also like the bar inside of Double Crown, called Madame Geneva, which specializes in jam-based drinks.

    Elettaria (focus is tiki drinks IIRC) is kind of in the middle of the East and West villages.

    See also this thread...

    Kick-ass, old-school, hardcore art of cocktail mixology

    This site gives a pretty good overview of each:

    Most are no-standing, some are reservations only, some take reservations but not at the bar, and others have rules regarding big groups....

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      Thank you so much for your advice! We are going to be there for 5 days and are going to try as many of them as we can. You definitely made it a lot easier.