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HELP! Caterer recommendation for Miami wedding-casual

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Hi all. I'd love some advice. My family is trying to find a reputable, reasonably priced caterer to cater a casual wedding rehearsal dinner for 30 outdoors. We're thinking something like clambake or stone crabs for dinner, nothing fussy and then cocktails and dessert for all the wedding attendees, about 80 afterward. Location yet to be determined, by near Coral Gables/South Miami.

Can anyone suggest a good caterer whose work they've seen in action? Thanks!

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  1. We used Temptations Catering for my daughter's baby naming, which we hosted in our home. The food was excellent and reasonably priced. They were very flexible and worked with us to ensure that we had the event we wanted in our budget. We used them because my mother-in-law had just used them for an engagement party and the food was amazing there as well. They are in Coral Springs, but I'd be surprised if they didn't travel to Miami.


    PS Not to be judgemental, but "reasonable" and "stone crabs" don't usually go together. Just sayin'....

    1. Capri Restaurant in Homestead/Fl City does catering and their food is always fantastic. I went to a wedding they catered in May and it was great. They are a family owned Italian restaurant, so I don't know what kind of seafood they would do.
      good luck in finding something!

      1. I cannot say enough good things about Chef Lars. They are incredibly friendly, have superior service, will work with your budget and the food is incredible. I researched for months and did tastings for months for my wedding and they won me over. They catered my wedding and then my baby shower and everyone LOVED the food. We even keep in touch now ;) Tell Sonia that yomy sent you ;)

        Food by Chef Lars Inc.
        7056 SW 44th St
        Miami, FL 33155-4609
        (786) 247-7455

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          In the Coral Gables, Whisk Gourmet does great food. They haven't catered an event of mine so I can't speak about pricing, etc. but I have tasted their food at several events they have catered, one by Slow Food Miami of which I'm a member, and it's been delicious.

          4702 S. Le Jeune Rd.
          Coral Gables, Fl. 33146

        2. We used ALL ABOUT FOOD CATERING out of Fort lauderdale for 2 events- They were excellent in providing what we anted and working within our budget and both events were perfect

          I would definatly reccomend them

          1. I went to a wedding in December catered by Mena Catering and the food was really delicious! It was an "Asia de Cuba" theme, with a cuban spin on asian classics. If you want something different you should definitely try them.

            1. Whisk Gourmet Food & Catering would be perfect for you. Owners are great and put out fantastic food. Attention to detail is top notch too. And they're right in South Miami. Call and ask for Kristen.


              1. Mena does nice work. I'm sure Whisk does as well. We've also used Creative Tastes, which is Andrea Curto-Randazzo and Frank Randazzo's catering company (formerly chefs of Talula) and they do great stuff.