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Jul 25, 2009 09:18 PM

Quick trip to Atlanta...

I'm going with my roommate to pick up his aunt from Atlanta tomorrow. We're only staying in town long enough to eat lunch and then we're heading back to sunny Florida. I haven't experienced Atlanta much except for a couple of concerts. I'm really not wanting to waste an opportunity to have an amazing food experience while I'm in a large metro area. Not looking for anywhere necessarily gourmet, just a memorable unique experience. Where would you suggest to go in the area?
The only place that has came to mind is Varsity so far. We're pretty open minded, but would prefer it not be BBQ (we have an abundance here).

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  1. what area? Buckhead diner is always a good one

    1. I usually try to hit Atlanta for ethnic food that I can't get at home - dim sum especially.
      This thread has a number of ethnic suggestions:

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        We're actually planning another trip up to Atlanta soon, unfortunately didn't have as much time as we thought we would. I'll definitely look into buckhead dinner. And I'm always looking for good ethnic food also, so that link's a big help, they sound great. I just wasn't sure what the food landmarks are in Atlanta. Must try restaurants or home town favs... but it's a good start. appreciate it.

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          Also here's a local food writer's site, she's never steered me wrong:

        2. If you are truly interested in mainly a "memorable unique experience" try Ann's Snack Bar. The Wall Street Journal had an article saying it has the best burger in the country - the Ghetto Burger. That's a stretch as far as I'm concerned because, for one thing it's not grilled over wood or charcoal, and it's a little overdone for my taste. But eating there is definitely a memorable unique experience. Several caveats:
          1. Ann put the place up for sale a few months ago but was to continue operating until it sells. Check that out if you can by looking for other posts - there are plenty - Yelp - Blissful Glutton are two sites with Atlanta connections in addition to this one.
          2. Be prepared for a long wait unless you are lucky and hit it at the right time.
          There are only eight stools and a screened waiting porch which usually has a crowd sitting and waiting their turn - if you're a group you may not get in at the exact same time.
          3. Learn her rules and be prepared to follow them. For starters you check to see if the stools are full, if there is no one on the porch. You'll be told to go back out if you linger inside. Make sure you know who is ahead of you in line and take your turn. .
          4. Google and do your research.
          I mention this place because you mentioned the Varsity which is similarly "not gourmet food", also unique, but the opposite in a lot of respects. You say you're coming back to Atlanta. See caveat number 1.