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Jul 25, 2009 08:45 PM

Roadtrip from SF to Grand Tetons and Yellowstone

My family and I are roadtripping to WY/MT in mid-August. We're heading via Lake Tahoe, Elko, NV, Pocatello, ID, Coulter Bay, WY and then Yellowstone. We'll be landing in those places on our way to the park. I haven't really figured out the way back since we'll be leaving via the north entrance of Yellowstone. Any places to eat that we should stop on our way to Yellowstone?

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  1. Elko, NV: Best place to stop is at the Star Hotel Basque Family Style Restaurant. Great steak and bar-none the best overall food in town!

    Pocatello, ID: Buddy's is an italian food place with the usual fair. It is famous for its salads and you can buy the bottled dressing if you really like it. Beware: it is very garlicky, but very good.

    For a unique Poky experience, stop by the Ross Park Drive-In. This place is only open in the summers. You eat on picnic benches with people who have been at the water park across the street, but it is pure Americana. You have to get the Taco-Spaghetti (just trust me) and the tater tots (Idaho Potatoes) with fry sauce!

    Goody's Deli is an ISU campus hotspot and has the best subs in town. Also, the pizza bombs are good (think calzone).
    Food For Thought: Great cobb salads. Only open at lunch.
    5th Street Bagel for breakfast and good bagel sandwiches
    Grecian Key for Greek food
    Mandarin House for Chinese
    Sandpiper has the best and most appropriate Seafood for a place in the Rockies
    Senang Wine Bar and Tapas Bistro is the best food in town, also most expensive