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Jul 25, 2009 08:15 PM

Mtl restaurants closed during the contruction holiday

Maybe we should list the restaurants that are closed during the construction holiday. From already mentioned Patati Patata, the new Portugalia off-shoot on St-Jacques West are closed during this time.

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  1. i was intrigued by the menu at justine bistro on van horne but surprised they are closed on weekends during the summer

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    1. re: wilmagrace

      Botegga and Il Mulino are closed also, till august 10.

      1. re: superbossmom

        Hmm... I thought about going to Botegga yesterday. Botegga & Il Mulino are connected(I think they have the same owner).

        1. re: BLM

          Bonny's the gourmet veg place on Notre Dame near Guy was closed last week.

          1. re: williej

            I found out Botegga and Mulino were closed by trying to reserve at one and then the other last night.

    2. Alep and Petit Alep and Kitchen Galarie are closed for the holiday, although I do not know for how long. This led to a very disappointing evening. :(

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      1. re: Keramel

        i am coming to montreal for this weekend and was hoping to go to petit alep on tuesday before i head back to toronto. do you know when they will re-open? (sorry, i don't know what 'construction holiday' is). thanks for any info.

        1. re: Kasia

          have found out about the construction holiday (i like it :) we all should get mandatory holidays especially in the summer!). would still like to know if petit alep will reopen on tuesday or are they closed for a longer period of time.

          1. re: Kasia

            The Contruction Holiday ends after August 1st(that's a Saturday). Monday is a Civic Holiday(August 3rd). So most restaurants that close during the Construction Holiday, would probably re-open on Tuesday August 4th.

            1. re: BLM

              It's not a holiday in Quebec on Monday - we don't have a Civic Holiday here as far as I know, at least for non-federal employees. Has that changed?

              1. re: kpzoo

                You are correct, it's not a holiday(just checked). Although several of the eating establishments closed during the construction holidays are reopening Tues August 4th.

            2. re: Kasia

              Sorry I can't recall what the sign said. If I pass by again I will check. If it is closed, you'll still be right next to the Jean Talon Market and Little Italy, so the area is worth a visit anyway (if that stuff interests you).

              1. re: Keramel

                oh yes, we always end our visit with jean talon market and cannoli in little italy (we're pretty sure that's where we'd want to live if we lived in montreal:)). but we missed out on petit alep on our last visit (they were closed for winter break), and were hoping to get in this time.

          2. Apparently, the new Portugalia off-shoot is not closed for construction holiday - but the person working there last week on the evening we tried to go apparently closed up several hours early for no reason, with no authorization to do so (much to the concern of the person I spoke to when I called earlier today to see if they had re-opened yet). So it is indeed open.

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            1. re: cherylmtl

              Graziella is supposedly closed too for a few weeks.

            2. As it is every year, Le P'tit Plateau is closed for the month of July.

              Also, Apollo Restaurant (but not the bistro) is closed until August 5th.

              1. Les chocolats de Chloe is closed until mid august I believe.

                Also Joe Beef/Liverpool House/McKiernan's will close for the first two weeks of august.