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Jul 25, 2009 08:03 PM

Fish fry on the gas grill - the new model

My parents are in town, so tonight was time for a good-old fashioned Midwestern fish fry (with fish we caught across the street from the lake we moved to last year -- bonus). Even better, they stopped a local produce stand for local tomatoes, green beans and corn.

Since it was warmish, and I'm not big on inside frying, I decided to do the fish in a cast-iron skillet on the gas grill. Dang, if that isn't the way to go.

Your oil gets up to temperature rather quickly, and you can shut the lid after putting the fish in to get the heat back up fast. Best of all, there was no odor in the house -- and it was nice enough out that we could all eat at the table on the patio adjacent, getting fish while it was still bubbling.

Even though in my impending kitchen remodel I'm planning on installing a big-boy exhaust, I'm not sure I'll ever fry inside again (on those 6 - 10 times a year I fry in the first place).

I highly recommend keeping it outside!

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  1. What a great idea!! What temp do you have the grill on? High, medium, low? What kind of fish? Battered or cornmeal?

    Big fan of this idea.

    1. My family has done this for a long time. We had one really, really big cast iron pan that we used for this.

      1. dmd.I have done this also......I have blackened fish this way which is a no-no inside......But I have to tell my neighbor to bring home a forklift so he can lift my large cast iron skillet......It weighs a ton.